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  • Leafing54
    started a topic any recommendations for.......

    any recommendations for.......

    ....animes like saber marrionatte j
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  • Konata
    started a topic Evangelion?


    I'm confused about the new releases of Evangelion. So can someone list them in chronogical date of release for me, please.
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  • Hisoka
    started a topic Anime GIFs Part II

    Anime GIFs Part II

    The title is self-explanatory. You can post anime gifs till your heart's content. Please avoid anything that is overly sexual and suggestive. If you have to question if the gif is acceptable, chances are it isn't. Anything over the line (excessive groping, grinding or gifs of characters feeling...
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  • Bernard_Monsha
    started a topic Cutest/Hottest etc Anime Character Part II

    Cutest/Hottest etc Anime Character Part II

    Please only use this to post images and comment on them, same rules as before be sure not to post anything inappropriate and please learn to resize your pictures before posting. If you have questions about if an image is inappropriate it probably is, but feel free to let one of us look at it before...
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  • Sushikins
    started a topic Daily Anime Thoughts

    Daily Anime Thoughts

    Here's an idea for a thread I had the other day. I don't know how well this will work, but I thought I'd go ahead and see.

    Alright, this thread is for any random anime-related thoughts you might have had, about a specific series, about anime in general, or whatever, that you didn't think...
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  • Hisoka
    started a topic What Anime Have You Watched Today?

    What Anime Have You Watched Today?

    Since the "what you last downloaded" thread seemed to have been deleted I decided to make something similar and maybe one that can be more insightful along the way. I've always interested to see what everyone else is watching on a daily basis and just listing what you last downloaded doesn't...
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  • Everything you ever wanted to know about fansubs, but were afraid to ask

    This here will be a sort of archive of online sites that provide an in-depth explination of the history of fansubbing, as well as how they are made. Here's the first link, written by an MIT graduate:

    ^ 39 page analysis...
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