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Forum Rules

Our main forum topics include anime, manga, video games and Japanese culture.

Use of offensive language, both overt and masked, is prohibited.

Prohibited content
Furry content, or lewd lolicon themed content, (including asking for links to such content) is not allowed. What constitutes "lewd" is decided by the moderators and administrators.

Do not include links in your posts or your signature to hentai sites or images, pornographic sites or images, sites that sell bootlegs, or sites with illegal video, audio or scanlation downloads. Do not create threads asking for these links.

Bootleg discussion is okay and "How to identify a bootleg" discussion is okay, because obviously this benefits the consumer who wants to AVOID bootlegs. But recommending specific bootleg manufacturers and/or where to buy their goods is not okay because it only helps people FIND bootlegs.

Even though it's clearly stated in the rules not to, people still use profanity. Since we have thousands of members and thousands of posts created every day, it's impossible to babysit every thread. The filters give our moderators some time to respond to reported posts, so we don't have to catch every thread the instant it is created. Therefore, if you use a 'catchphrase' in one of your posts, it will automatically be converted to *********
As a society, we have become less sensitive to some words, and we don't mind allowing them, but the "hardcore" offensive language, we're still going to censor.

Name Calling/Attacks
No attacking or name calling. This includes talking about groups of people, not just individuals. Threads that turn offensive will be closed without warning, and belligerent members will be banned without warning.

Hate Speech
No hate speech. Offending members will be banned without warning.

Please post your topic to one forum only. If it needs to be moved, alert a moderator.

Spamming and Trolling
We do not tolerate spamming or trolling in any forum. If you do this, you will be warned once, and any further abuse will result in your account being deactivated.

Off Topic
For general conversation we have the Off-Topic Discussion forum. While this allows for a variety of discussions, there are some things that are better discussed elsewhere. There are lots of places online for political and religious discussion, crude humor, smut, bigotry, chat, cybersex and the like. We simply do not feel it belongs here.

Adult Content
No adult content of any type, including images or depictions. Discussion of adult anime is allowed in the Hentai forum, but hardcore images and links to hardcore images are not. Only consenting adults over the age of 18 may access or view the threads in the Hentai forum.

Note: What constitutes "adult content" is clearly subjective. If you have a question about the type of content you can post on the forum, contact a moderator or admin. As a good rule of thumb, we want to keep the forums family friendly/safe. Pictures involving boys or girls that have an underage appearance (17 or younger) in sexual poses or situations are not allowed.


The administrators reserve the right to add, modify, or remove any of these rules at any time. Rule changes apply to past, current and future posts. Administrators have the final say in any rule dispute.