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Question about Rightstuf Blu-ray.

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    Question about Rightstuf Blu-ray.

    Hello, everyone. I am looking to purchase the Chobits complete series classic blu-ray on Rightstuf. Before I place an order, I would love to know whether the blu-ray comes with its original slipcover.

    I have purchased the same blu-ray from both Amazon and Ebay, but neither of them came with the slipcover. Despite that Amazon and Ebay display the slipcover on their store page, they both came with the blu-ray standard box and disc only.

    I have been a customer of Rightstuf for a while now, and have purchased quite a number of manga. Rightstuf always delivers manga in perfect condition for me. So I trust them with product quality.

    However, I have yet tried blu-ray from Rightstuf. I am not sure if the Chobits classic blu-ray would come without the slipcover similar to Amazon and Ebay situation.

    If anyone has purchased this Chobits blu-ray from rightstuf before, I would love to hear from you about the delivered product.

    I am a small anime and manga physical collector, so I value slipcovers from anime copies a lot.

    This is the web page to Chobits from Rightstuf:

    Thanks, everyone.

    One thing many people don't know is that slipcovers for most home video releases are limited to first-run printings.
    When they reprint series/movies or do re-releases they typically DO NOT reprint slipcovers. That goes for Funimation and and Viz (probably).

    Viz, btw, printed Ranma 1/2 on Blu ray for the first time and did TWO distinct releases on Blu ray -- a limited SLIPCASED edition with an artbook and episode guide for the seven volumes, and "less limited edition" that that was basically the same minus the slipcase and artbook. They underprinted Volumes 4 and 5 of that release for whatever reasons and ticked off a LOT of people but that's typical for Viz. They've never been the most customer-oriented company in anime licensing for as long as I can remember.
    I'll tell you straight up -- The Right Stuf is a LOT MORE PROFESSIONAL and MUCH MORE customer-oriented than the other big companies. (Discotek actually has decent customer interaction online and takes suggestions for licenses -- and hot damn, they got AT LEAST half the stuff I wanted them to license this past year!) I can't bitch about TRSI at all in almost 20 years of dealing with them... They've always been good to me and dealt with me straight and helped me resolve issues as they came up with my orders. A lot of companies and individuals online won't tell you SQUAT or really deal with you if you have problems.

    I have noticed distributions of slipcovers from certain companies is variable OR certain stores (Barnes&Noble for one) very often DON'T stock copies of anime films with slipcovers.
    For instance, the copies of GKids/Shout Factory re-releases of the Studio Ghibli films often-times do NOT have slipcovers in B&N outlets. I don't know why that is but it's been so when I've looked in 2-3 B&N locations in my area.