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Happy B-Day Right Stuf!

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  • Happy B-Day Right Stuf!

    Just like the title says; Happy B-Day Right Stuf!

    I'd thought I'd post this, (I'd been thinking bout doing so since the beginning of the month but work has kept me pretty tired...)
    But I just want to say Happy Birth day to you Right Stuf, and thank you for all that you do for the North American Anime market.
    It's not easy dealing with the fans sometimes, but you guys do it day in and out.
    ( I work in retail, so I know how annoying customers can be...)
    So Have a great B-day and here's to you having another 30 more!

    Nope, not even gonna try...

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    I joined this board a little over a month ago and it seems like hardly anyone exists. Most of the threads I see are threads from YEARS ago. As much as I hate saying this, it seems like forums are becoming more and more obsolete for social media sites.

    I have joined several message boards, since last December and barely anyone posts on them. I would post more but I'm busy both on and offline. That's not including working on my own website.
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    Are There Really Social Media Sites For Anime Fans?


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      I saw an ad recently, in Otaku USA I think. That had a low quality black and white picture with text saying that they only had one employee (Shawne?), X space, and two titles. On the right the had a full-color photo with text saying they now have X employees X space, and X titles
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        Happy Birthday TRSI!!!


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          Happy hatch day! Have a blast!