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New Specials 4/20 - Anime & Artbooks Specials

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    New Specials 4/20 - Anime & Artbooks Specials

    Anime & Artbooks Weekly Specials

    Is anime art? Heck yeah! Enjoy all the beautiful art anime has to offer!

    No Promo Code Required!

    Shop Now!

    Yen Press Sale!

    Limited time only!

    Save at least 33% off all manga, novels, and books!

    Promo code: YP-2017

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    Berserk Bundle Giveaway Contest! LAST DAY!

    Do you have the "Guts" to enter this contest? If you do, then you could win a Berserk Bundle of Volumes 1-3 from our friends at Dark Horse!

    His name is Guts, the Black Swordsman, a feared warrior spoken of only in whispers. Bearer of a gigantic sword, an iron hand, and the scars of countless battles and tortures, his flesh is also indelibly marked with The Brand, an unholy symbol that draws the forces of darkness to him and dooms him as their sacrifice. Fight with Guts in this contest and you could walk away with the first 3 volumes of Berserk! You can also check out more volumes HERE, including the newest volume coming this July!

    Entries will be accepted until April 20th.

    Click here to enter!

    Was someone at Right Stuf totally awesome for you? Please let us know so we can reward our staff!

    We love happy customer e-mails - we are a service organization - so tell us about our service! What was good, what can be improved; we want to hear it! You can also post on our Facebook page! For those who are interested, we do indeed have company lunches that much!

    Submit an image of how your shipment arrived! Best photos will be circulated around the office in admiration and/or shock as appropriate. Creative recycling is encouraged.

    Hints and Notes from Shawne:
    "Approved" and waiting the final paperwork. People will be pleased.
    A negative and a positive.
    Not sure about this one. Still likely a long shot.

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    Thanks for your business from the entire Right Stuf team!

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