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anime survey 2017

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    anime survey 2017

    Back with another survey to possibly use in a Family Feud type event at an anime convention.

    1. Other than voice acting, name a job in the domestic anime industry

    2. What manga was ruined by its anime?

    3. Name a male character who wears glasses

    4. Name a character with red hair.

    5. Name an anime/manga targeted for older women.

    6. What anime/manga would be ruined by a Hollywood adaptation?

    7. What English speaking director would do a good job making a live-action version of an anime?

    8. Name a character who has a reputation of getting drunk

    9. Name a Korean show

    10. Name a character that lives in Japan but was born in the USA.

    11. Other than anime dubbing, name a job for voice actors.

    Looking for single, adult, Asian, female Latter-Day Saint