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    Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

    If anyone else is playing this game my ID is F4Ky .Tina/Terra is my Roaming Warrior for you to Summon for an assist.

    Since No one else has made a post about it in this section, I'll start...

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a "Freemium" smartphone game that mixes up the characters, enemies and dungeons from the 13 main games and lets you build your "dream team" party of 5. Stays focused on the old Turn-based combat of FF VII/7 with a hint of FF 8.

    -Turn based

    - Active Time Battle: Enemies can attack you while you're idle (there is a pause game button)

    - You have to craft your skills and spells

    -You have an activation limit for skills and spells

    - You only get two skill and/or spell slots per character as seen in the screenshot above.

    - Each FF character has a Limit Break/Soul Break move that either targets one or all
    The White Mage's Soul Break is Prayer: heals every body.

    -Cid is the NPC Item crafting master in the game. I doubt he's ever going to become a party member.

    I love seeing how FF VII and newer characters look in SNES-style graphics. really cool. Square-Enix/DeNA didn't mess with the music and when you are in a FF X dungeon you will hear the proper battle theme. As if you were playing this on the PS2 That scores massive points with me. I was in a FF XIII dungeon the other day and Blinded by light sound like it does on the PS3/360.

    This is probably why I keep playing this. I can see and fight FF I, II, III, or V monsters while listening to musical tracks that I never heard before:D

    As you can see from my screenshot My current dungeon explorers are

    Cloud (FF VII)
    Tyro, the Record Keeper ( represents the player)
    Generic White Mage
    Wakka (FF X)
    Terra/Tina (FF VI) - Terra's limit break (Trance Attack) is kind of a spoiler for FF VI

    My team is in an Final Fantasy 10 dungeon fighting a notable boss from the game!

    The worst things I can say about this game is that it uses the standard energy/stamina meter thing that I've seen in other mobile and Facebook games.

    The powerful equipment is locked away behind a kind of paywall/item exhance system and it is also a randomized drop.

    Some of your favorite characters are only attainable during specific announced Dungeon Events. For example, when the game launched Tifa and Sepiroth each had their own dungeons that you had to fight through to recruit them.

    This game is being developed/ maintained by the same company that partnered up with Nintendo to bring games to mobile. DeNA ?
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    I play this game. It's fun!
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