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What's in your FF collection?

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    What's in your FF collection?

    Taken from my thread at FFShrine:

    As I was taking pics of my anime dvd collection, I figured I'd take the time to share some pics of my FF merchandise.

    First things first. Nothing is for sale, so don't ask

    I thought it fitting to use FFVIII and Parasite Eve displays as my backdrop (and blacked out the rest, as I took these pics in my not-for-public-viewing basement).

    Pic 1: These are my games and soundtracks. In regards to the OSTs, my FFVII is an SM bootleg (I didn't know anything about bootleg OSTs at the time since it was my very first import; I do have the official import OST, but it's in my brothers possession right now and wasn't available to make the pic).

    Pic 2: This is my collection of import FFVII and FFVIII toys, as well as the FFXII Play Arts. Also threw in the Kingdom Hearts Cloud for good measure.

    Pic 3: These are more FFVIII import figures.

    Pic 4: These are my FFVII and FFVIICC Play Arts on top of my Kotobukiya FFVII statues.

    There's more stuff I didn't bother taking pics of, like posters, artbooks, and guidebooks.

    edit: Oops, I forgot to put in the pics my FFVII Advent Children DVD, as well as the FFVIIAC SE DVD.

    Anyone else have pics of their collection to share?
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    I wish I had a camera at hand. Well, I don't have that much anyways.

    I have the play arts for Yuna, Reno, Sephiroth and Cloud with the bike. On top of that, I have those FF8 box sets that you put in your import picture (though I bought mine locally.)
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      Wow you've got a lot of stuff there!!
      Don't have any pics available but my collection consists of:

      1x Irvine figurine ( like the one u have that's still in it's box, however mine isn't).
      FFVII PS Game
      FFVII Unofficial walkthrough (got it from some PC Ultimate magazine like 10+ years ago)
      FFVIII PS Game
      FFVIII Official Walkthrough
      FFXI Online PC Game (only played if for like a few hours...)
      FFXII PS2 Game
      FFXII Official Walkthrough

      My brother also has the following, which he said he'd give me because he doesn't play anymore.

      FFIX PS Game
      FFIX Official Walkthrough
      FFX PS2 Game
      FFX Official Walkthrough
      FFX-2 PS2 Game
      FFX-2 Official Walkthrough (I think?).
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        I have Final Fantasy X and X-2, as well as Final Fantasy IV for DS, GBA, and PS1. I also have a FFX soundtrack. I used to have Final Fantasy IX but ended up selling it after beating it. I wish I had held on to it longer, I would've liked to replay it again.
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          All I have extra is a FFX poster and the Soundtrack. Also, Final Fantasy VII OST.


            Other than the games, all I have is a UK exclusive Limited Edition Final Fantasy VIII, which is ironic since I don't like the game that much. It includes a shirt, some stickers for your memory card, a poster, a memory card and the game. It goes for quite a bit on ebay, but since the game has been played a fair bit, I don't think mine is worth top whack.


              Nothing but the games.

              Final Fantasy (PSP)
              Final Fantasy II (PSP)
              Final Fantasy III (DS)
              Final Fantasy IV (DS)
              Final Fantasy V Advance (GBA)
              Final Fantasy X (PS2)
              Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2)
              Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
              Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)
              Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (PSP)
              Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA)
              Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (DS)

              EDIT: Derp, forgot to include all the side stuff.
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                I dont have much, just the games X, X-2, XII, IV, and the walkthroughs for X and X-2 as well as the soundtracks.
                Oh, and the Advent Children dvd.
                I'm still just a kid!,


                  Sadly, the only thing I currently have in my "FF collection" are 2 copies of FFXII, one sealed original and one platinum. I have once (not at the same time though) owned practically every game of the franchise that was released in Europe before 2004 and some after that (like the DS remake of FFIII) + artbooks, figurines, soundtracks etc. I sold them off though to buy something else, something I regret today since that "something else" almost never lived up to the FF-standard.
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                  I know that I should write something here, I just do not know what.


                    Final Fantasy Chronicles
                    Final Fantasy Anthology
                    Final Fantasy VII (Greatest Hits)
                    Final Fantasy VIII (ditto)
                    Final Fantasy IX (again)

                    FF4 official soundtrack
                    FF6 official soundtrack
                    FF7 official soundtrack
                    FF8 official soundtrack
                    FF9 American soundtrack
                    FFX American soundtrack

                    FF7 strategy guide
                    FF8 strategy guide
                    FF9 strategy guide

                    Rosa Farrell costume
                    Terra Branford costume

                    And I made an FF6 AMV to the tune of Christmas Eve Sarajevo by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
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                      Final Fantasy (NES)
                      Final Fantasy IV (PS)
                      Final Fantasy V (PS)
                      Final Fantasy VI (PS)
                      Final Fantasy VII (PS, and PC)
                      Final Fantasy VIII (PS, and PC)
                      Final Fantasy IX (PS)
                      Final Fantasy X (PS2)
                      Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2)
                      Final Fantasy XI (PC)
                      Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

                      This is what I have right now, I don't have GBA or PSP, so I don't think I'll ever have the rest.


                        All of them, 'cept IX.
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                          I have:
                          FFIII (DS)
                          FFVII (PS1)
                          FF Crystal Cronnicles(GC)


                            Here's my stuff, mostly games, but a few guide books:

                            Misc Guide Books

                            and my DS Lite with FFIV Protective cover and Rydia strap:
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                              Originally posted by Purple Madness View Post
                              All of them, 'cept IX.
                              Shame, easily one of the best in the series.

                              As for me:

                              That's about it. Oh yeah, and Advent Children.

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