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Any cool Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Edition Coming Out?

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  • Any cool Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Edition Coming Out?

    The gameplay vids for Steam Final Fantasy VIII and IX are great.I am very suprised how much better the graphics are on IX.

    I have not bought a PS4 but if I do it will be because of the Final Fantasy games like the X and X2 collection and FF12 is coming out for PS4 too! Final Fantasy VII remake will be out later this year. Also the classic VII version that got polished is also available in the PS4 store.

    It realy just is Final Fantasy 8 and 9 they are only available for PS3 and Steam and the Steam version can't handle Windows 10.

    Is there any chance for a Final Fantasy I-IX colleciton for PS4? or just VII and IX?

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    I'm playing FF7 through Steam on my Win 10 comp and I have no problems.

    Mr. Nutmeg is playing FF9 through Steam on his Win 10 comp and he has no problems.
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      I've been thinking of getting Final Fantasy IX on Steam since its on sale for $10. The upgraded 3D models look great but the backgrounds suck, even worse than the PS1 backgrounds from what I hear. However there is a fan made mod that filtered the backgrounds from the PS1 version. I kinda hate how filtered it is but at the same time the 3D models do blend better, the vanilla backgrounds are just so low quality that its very awkward with the much higher resolution 3D models.

      I really look forward to Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for PS4.


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        At Nutmeg.
        Oops I was checking the minimal requirements. That's good. I don't have Steam, I prefer to play games on my consoles. That's why I still hope for more Final Fantasy DLC games for PS4.
        If Final Fantasy 8 and 9 don't make it to PS4 then it's gotta be Steam.

        At Levo.
        The youtube videos I have checked for comparison, the backgorunds for Steam is definitely an upgrade.


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          I recently purchased FFXII: The Zodiac Age for PS4. It's a good remake of the PS2 original with updated graphics at a time when this game was largely looked over as the PS3 had just been released. I would highly recommend it!!
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            I have the PS2 version. I like the game alot.

            I have the Final Fantasy X and X2 collection for PS4 I will also buy XII... and a PS4 later on.