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First impressions: Victor Vran (PC)

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    First impressions: Victor Vran (PC)

    I'm a sucker for isometric hack and slash games a la Diablo, so when I saw Victor Vran for $5 over the weekend, I decided to give it a shot. For some reason I was getting this game confused with the Van Helsing games, which i didn't care for very much, but finally realized it's unrelated.

    What the games do have in common is how you play a single character the whole time, only with different outfits and weapon types which change up the gameplay style. I personally dislike this, but realize it's easier than having multiple playable classes like Diablo.

    This game sets itself apart by using WSAD for movement, and having direction combat with the mouse. It feels more action focused and doesn't suffer from the issue of moving instead of attacking like a lot of these games have. However, there is an option for those who want full mouse control over movement and attacking.

    The game looks pretty good on my setup, supporting the full resolution of my 34 inch curved display, which is always nice to see in games. I had adjust the post processing level to get the game to run at a decent framerate.

    So far the skills and magic are pretty easy to use, with the keyboard shortcuts surrounding the WASD area.

    I like how each area has little challenges and missions to complete, with count ups to show your progress. It's very satisfying to have the awards pile on the ground after completing a mission.

    So far so good, going to try playing some more tonight.
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