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Neat Games Set in Period Japan

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    Neat Games Set in Period Japan

    Have any neat ones of your own?

    Game title (system) blurb (*= a favorite)
    *Muramasa (and its Vita update Rebirth) (Wii/Vita) Vanillaware's narrative side-view action RPG full of ninja and youkai. Looks and sounds pretty. Some say the action is repetitive, but I didn't get tired of it. Rebirth has extra Genroku Legends stories.
    The Mysterious Murasame Castle (3DS eShop/Famicom) vaguely reminiscent of the first Zelda game but divided into smaller sequential areas without puzzles; just a maze of tricky enemies and many power-ups both hidden and otherwise.
    Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (N64) 3D action adventure where you explore a loopy, cartoony period Japan with dungeons and giant robot fights. I like the inns and cuisine.
    *Okami (PS2/Wii/PS3) The Legend of Zelda with Japanese fairytales and legends, brush techniques instead of items, and you're a wolf.
    Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (Vita) turn-based RPG where you make your own samurai clan. Breed and train its members through the generations to fight youkai in dungeons.
    Toukiden (Age of Demons and its PS4 update Kiwami) (Vita/PS4) Monster Hunter with youkai and legendary figures.
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    The Way Of The Samurai games - really interesting; you're dropped in to the story and wander about collecting swords, interloping and dying multiple times to see what's going on.

    The Kengo games - these ones are all about swordsmanship. It really captures how blindlingly easy it is to die by the sword, if your concentration lapses for a second.
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      Onmyoji (Android, iOS, Windows) This comes with good and bad.

      The cool part: The story concerns onmyouji solving supernatural dramas during the Heian period, featuring the most famous onmyouji, Abe no Seimei. The visuals and audio are gorgeous, and there is an art book you can order on Amazon Japan. The shikigami you can summon as party members are most if not all themed after youkai they even have one themed after Ushi no Toki Mairi ( They even have a 100 Demon Parade where you throw beans at the shikigami you want to have!

      The iffy part: Because it's a free-to-play, can-pay-real-money-for-extra-in-game-currency game, outside the story mode it is a grindfest to get more of the various in-game currencies, randomized equipment, and randomized shikigami, but it feels generous with the in-game currency it gives you daily for free, and I've decided to grind only when I need to in order to progress through the story. The auto-battle function (where you give each party member a sort of directive and then set them loose) makes it quick and fun to "play" the game while doing something else like reading, but I wonder at a game activity so unengaging one would choose for the game to play itself while the player does something else.

      This game may get a future MOBA spin-off.


        Pocky & Rocky 2 (

        I did play this a long time ago and remember that it was a lot of fun, but the details are all fuzzy.

        Looking up the wiki entry to refresh my memory, the game's apparently a shoot-'em-up. You control a shrine maiden called Pocky (a regular shrine maiden name, obviously) who goes around with a bunch of her buddies (including Rocky the racoon) busting up bad guys. I wonder if Pocky means something in Japanese, seeing as we also have Pocky sticks.

        OK, technically, the game's not a faithful representation of past eras in Japan, what with mutant trees and ghosts and all that.