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  • Finally finished the Servant x Service manga. Still would like the see that last of it animated.

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    • Last night I got on a Yotsuba&! kick and ended up reading through the whole series


      • Vinland Saga (up to vol. 8): a mature look at violence in the workings of society, using Vikings. I like the subject matter, the detailed art, and the exploration of its themes.
        A Bride's Story (up to vol. 8): different brides's perspectives and roles in their societies along the Silk Road. Kaoru Mori always delivers on the visual details and the fruits of her cultural research.
        Dungeon Meshi / Delicious in Dungeon: reading in Japanese. Heard there'll be an English release. Attractive character designs. I like food and Dungeons & Dragons; this has both.


        • Ghost in the Shell 1:

          It's still pretty action packed...but it's also surprisingly funny and light hearted in some parts too. I guess I was expecting something to the degree of the tv series/movies?

          Recently got Tomie by Ito, but I haven't started that one yet.
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          • Citrus.

            It's a pretty angsty yuri series but I am enjoying it. I figured I'd be more into the mood for yaoi tonight but I just wanted a non-explicit romance, so I chose this. I am enjoying it. I on volume 3 so far.
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            • Finished all the yotsuba i had, i wish this was an anime

              I checked out mob psycho 100 but his artwork is just so fing terrible. Even as a gimmick its hard to slog thru.

              Then i went the other end of the spectrum and read some blade of the immortal with its amazing, eyegasm artwork to cleanse myself lol


              • In the middle of Tomie....and man, is it old.

                Also, been reading Welcome to the Ballroom.
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                • Reading a manga about a low level rpg spider mob. its extremely enjoyable. kumoko? Something like that.

                  Also reading denshi otoko, little old art style but cute, especially since its based on a true story (supposedly).

                  I dont know if this even counts as reg manga or hentai, but read some of My Lovely Ghost Kana cause it looked pretty cute. More sex than i was expecting. Haven't decided if thats a bad thing.

                  Edit: read past second chapter, its definitely hentai..not very good either.
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                  • Domestic na kanajo ch 1-90 : the mangakas sensei fetish is so overwhelming it almost makes the other characters in this harem pointless. Must have realized it too, as in the last few chapters it shifted focus but,even then its abundantly clear this is just a forced drama/diversion from the inevitable sensei route.

                    I do like this style of manga tho. I read another previously that had similar look and feel. Actually a similar plot too.
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                    • Man this place is dead. Welp,,i read molester man today, and it was surprisingly good., Altho, unlike train man (very sweet, realistic story), i in no way believe it was a true fing story, just no way. Once i was over that, the story itself was funny and most of all, it was amazing to finally read a manga where the MC in a harem found a girl he was actually compatible/friends with

                      Read a lot of Horimiya, another pretty good romance and slice of life. The characters are the strong point of this manga, you really enjoy spending time with them. That said, i feel the author really changed the character of the main girl suddenly, and was running out of ideas. The very abrupt
                      appeared so suddenly and out of place it lost any meaning to the reader. It must have lost meaning to the mangaka as well cause its never alluded to or repeated afterward as far as I read. I ended up stopping at the
                      which was sweet enough for me to bail out on. Im a little scared of death flags and i started getting that vibe, so i made my own ending lol
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