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    I haven't seen a thread like this and I was curious as to what others were reading, so I thought I'd make this thread. So, what manga are you reading currently and how far are you into it?

    Death Note - Volume 2
    Full Moon wo Sagashite - Volume 4 (Re-reading this one)
    Fruits Basket - Volume 11
    Mai-HiME - Volume 2
    Mai-Otome - Chapter 1
    Melty Blood - Chapter 3
    NANA - Volume 1
    Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ - Volume 1
    Ultra Maniac - Volume 1
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    Level E - A few more chapters to go
    Hajime no Ippo - Chapter 521
    Death Note - Volume 11
    Groove Adventure Rave - Volume 10
    Basara - Volume 15
    One Piece - Chapter 392
    Hunter x Hunter - Chapter 256
    Naruto - A good amount past the anime. Not sure of the vol/chapter number.
    Dr. Slump - Volume 4
    Suikoden III - Volume 7

    I think that's it for the moment.
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      Paradise Kiss
      Berserk (waiting on Hawks vol.30)
      Tenjou Tenge (scanlations naturally)
      Homunculus (read 6 out so far)
      Priest (upto volume 8 so far)
      Prince of Tennis (cant remember what one im upto, whatever one was last release )


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        Well I've been a little busy as of late, especially with holiday shopping. But I'm still reading the manga known as "Blade Of Heaven", it's by far one of my favorites, has anyone else here ever read it?
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          Angel Sanctuary #3.
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            Naruto - vol. 29 & 30
            New Pet Shop of Horrors - vol. 2
            20th Century Boys - vol. 20
            Full Metal Alchemist - vol. 11

            Not much, I know. I just bought a bunch of Chinese novels and they arrived only a few days ago. I've spent most of my time on those. :D


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              My plate isn't as full as some of you guys's. I'm reading Dr. Slump #3, gonna pick up HxH #5, Bleach #10, Slump #4, MSG: Ecole du Ciel #2 sometime soon when cash is plentiful in my pocket.
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                Tenjho Tenge vol. 4
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                  So by currently reading do you mean you start reading a bunch and then never finished? Or are you making a list of manga you're reading but might be waiting for the next volumes to come out?


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                    Currently reading:

                    Mahormatic Maiden
                    Kare Kano
                    Ai Yori Aoshi
                    Ah My Goddess!

                    Forgot to add: Fruits Basket
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                      I'm currently reading:

                      Hot Gimmick
                      Fruits Basket
                      Death Note
                      Black Cat
                      Ultra Maniac
                      Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles
                      Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden
                      Shinshi Doumei Cross
                      Full Metal Alchemist

                      Yeah...I read a lot at the same time. ^^;;
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                        Rurouni Kenshin - vol. 21
                        Bleach - vol. 10
                        Naruto - vol. 8
                        Flame of Recca - vol. 15 (but I've already read the whole series via scanlations)
                        Negima - vol. 7
                        Hunter x Hunter - vol. 5
                        Fushigi Yuugi - vol. 16
                        Fushig Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden - vol. 2
                        Ceres: Celestial Legend - vol. 13
                        Red River - vol. 9
                        Ultra Maniac - vol. 3
                        Fullmoon wo Sagashite - vol. 4
                        Mahoromatic - vol. 7
                        Battle Royale - vol 14
                        Vampire Game - vol. 13
                        Angel Sanctuary - vol. 10
                        Sgt. Frog - vol. 10
                        Berserk - vol. 9
                        Trigun: Maximum - vol. 7
                        Eden - vol. 1
                        Crossroad - vol. 1
                        Kamikaze Kaitou Jeane - vol. 1

                        I think that's it.

                        Yay for copy and pasting.
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                          Antique Bakery - vol. 2
                          Bastard!! - Volume 5
                          HunterxHunter - Volume 5
                          FMA - vol 4
                          Planetes - vol 2
                          Lament of the Lamb - vol 3

                          Edit: I wish I could find a scanlation for New Pet Shop of Horrors that was BT instead of IRC! I loved the first series!
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                            Currently in progress, listed by last vol. # I purchased:
                            Mars - vol. 5
                            Iron Wok Jan - vol. 7 (haven't read it yet)
                            Hellsing - vol. 7
                            Saikano - vol. 6
                            Peacemaker Kurogane - vol. 3 (wonder if I'll ever get to finish this series?)
                            Tsubasa Chronicle - vol. 7
                            Rurouni Kenshin - vol. 4
                            Berserk - vol. 9
                            Angelic Layer - vol. 2
                            xxxHolic - vol. 5 (haven't read it yet)
                            Kodocha - vol. 5 (haven't read it yet)
                            Fruits Basket - vol. 2
                            DearS - vol. 1
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                              I will be going to the bookstore today to get Basara 15 and Please Save My Earth 13. Hopefully they'll also have the next volume of Suikoden III. And I may even buy Cantarella, even though I read the first volume, cause it was so GOOD.

                              A friend of mine will be getting me "Kakan no Madonna" in Spanish from the mother country over winter break. Yes, all 7 volumes of it. It's by Chiho Saito, the author of Utena.
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