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Who here likes yōkai?

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    Who here likes yōkai?

    I've heard one of Mizuki Shigeru's illustrated yōkai books is coming out in time for Halloween 2018!

    There have actually been a number of English-language yōkai books published over the past few years; I'm quite pleased. Of particular note are works by Zack Davisson, Michael Dylan Foster, and Matthew Meyer, and Toriyama Sekien's encyclopedia set has been translated under the title "Japandemonium".

    If you have any favorite yōkai books out there or questions about them (because I own several), give a shout, and if you don't know what yōkai are, see

    Natsume's Book of Friends is probably what most fans know of when it comes to yokai related things. I own Matthew Meyer's book myself.

    Have you seen Ge Ge Kitaro yet?
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