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Wandering Island vol. 2: finally an official US release?

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    Wandering Island vol. 2: finally an official US release?

    Has anyone else read this manga?
    I don't think the author relies on the fan-service. A more precious resource is the detailed drawings of her tools, her surroundings, and the attention Tsuruta puts into the process of showing the main character wrack her brains and mark-up maps while prognosticating a cryptic moving island's trajectory with old notes and slim sightings, preparing her plane's fuel and scheduling expeditions among Japan's some 6,852 islands. A number of sequences don't even have dialog. Also grounding me in the setting were the copious world notes in the back.

    Volume 2 is already out in Japan (Japanese volume 2 cover pictured):
    But will US readers have to wait 5 more years to get volume 2? I wonder if copies sold or licensing issues between Kodansha and Dark Horse has put the localization on indefinite hold.

    A day ago, Dark Horse themselves said, "We are discussing the possibility of Wandering Island Volume 2. However, we cannot confirm the release or a timeline at this time. Please check back on our website for the latest updates and releases!"

    It sounds like they haven't ruled it out completely, but it doesn't sound like a big priority for them, either.


      I've read the first volume awhile go. Gave up on it though since Vol 2 never came out....

      Figured it was just a one and done type of deal...
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