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A true Japanese Spy Story that lead to James Bond to come to Japan

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  • A true Japanese Spy Story that lead to James Bond to come to Japan

    This month is the 50th anniversary of the film version of You Only Live Twice, which happens to be my all time favorite Bond film. But the truth in the story is sometimes a little stranger than the fiction associated with it . . . .
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    Great information was provided in the article eventhough it is a bit long but it is worth reading.


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      Heh... I got this film in one of the Best Buy exclusive Blu ray steelbook releases last year!
      It was actually THE FIRST Bond film I've bought on ANY home video format and I watched it for the time on ABC (US) many, many ears ago.
      It's also one of my favorite Bond films, probably my favorite Connery entry at the moment, AND has one of the best theme songs in the Bond series, period. The theme was sung by Nancy Sinatra at the height of her popularity. Excellent performance by her against one of the sexier Bond intro montages to that point.

      I also saw a YouTube posting of a Japanese monster film featuring one of the two Bond girls from this movie. It was a fairly forgettable movie and frankly I didn't recognize which actress appeared in that movie! LOL It was made a few years before You Only Live Twice.... NOT one of the better Japanese monster movies of that era.
      Amazing that actress (whoever she was) went from something that forgettable to arguably one of the better-known Western films of the 1960s. My understanding is that both of the main Japanese actresses in You Only Live Twice were overdubbed for the final soundtrack. A shame but not really surprising in all honesty. They did that to a LOT of people over the years!

      Arnold "Stang" was redubbed for his debut movie, Hercules in New York. If anybody bothered to check, they only restored his original dialogue (in his OWN voice) in the DVD release of that movie. It was the same deal for Mel Gibson in the original American release of Mad Max... I guess he was too Australian-sounding! <Shaking my head on why Mel was overdubbed...! I sorta get why "Mr. Stang" was overdubbed.>