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Prince Mikasa Dies at Age 100

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    Prince Mikasa Dies at Age 100

    Japan's Prince Mikasa has died. The uncle of Emperor Akihito was 100 years old.

    Prince Mikasa was a younger brother of the late Emperor Showa, whose given name was Hirohito.
    “There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.” ― Ernest Hemingway

    Wow... They sure live long in Japan among some of the older generations, don't they?
    That guy was literally WWII-era and we're losing more of the veterans and civilians who lived through that era all the time.
    A couple of the remaining vets I consider personal heroes or admire are in their 90s now. You just know they'll pass away within the next 10-12. Hardly anybody will live past 100. Jimmy Doolittle was one of the few who got CLOSE to 100 and the guys I'm thinking of are less than 5 years away from tying with his longevity (he lived to be nearly 97).
    Controversial brother or not -- and historians/academics are VERY split on what Hirohito knew and did during the War --, I hope the younger brother lived a healthy life and had his faculties.
    It would stink to be old and be "out of it" and be senile, have dementia/Alzheimer's. That's as bad, IMHO, as having cancer.