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Shoujo City (my anime/bishoujo game for Android)

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    A new girl with yandere personality is added - Saori. If you date Saori, her jealousy towards other girls will grow day by day, resulting in her going insane and attacking them. To avoid that, make sure her jealousy level is as low as possible by the end of each day.


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      Updates in version 1.8.1:
      * 15 new dialogues for Yumi.
      * a new location and a new dating spot - classroom (school 1st floor).
      * a new accessory item - maple leaf (can be picked under the tree near the Sushi Cafe).


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        For several months I have been working on a new version, completely remaking the game - this time in full 3D and with much better graphics and design. Check the video to see the first preview of the new version. Also, now I have a new website for the project - and will post there regular updates on current development progress for everybody interested.


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          It looks cute as heck. Any update on if there will be an iOS version?
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            A new video showing some clothing options.

            Originally posted by superplough View Post
            It looks cute as heck. Any update on if there will be an iOS version?
            I'm planning to release a free demo of the 3D version for PC by the end of this year, and will begin testing how good the game runs on different mobile devices only after that. It's difficult to say anything for sure right now.


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              A new video showing ecent progress on the shopping area.