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    A Life of Fantasy

    I dream of a magical place

    where anything is possible, anything is a may

    After Mid-night party starts a special play

    I could sit to drink a nice cup of coffee with my cat as we chat over the everyday

    Lots of stories to tell, and I didn't know you can talk!

    Dear, it's the magic of the magical place

    Or maybe seeing your happy face, smiling all the time.

    Oh, Cat! You're such a good speaker, aren't you?

    And here he smiles

    All that while

    the arrival of his juice

    Calling for a truce

    to enjoy the night

    and all the fairy lights

    of the magical place

    The joy is so clear

    of the atmosphere

    And the sound of singing

    embrace the space

    what a magical grace!

    A life in my fantasy.

    I wanted to write a story but that would've taken lots of time so I went for a poetic prose. Hope you enjoy it =D

    Do what you can't
    Taleen and Nutmeg: We are the Talmeg. 2017 Best AN couple


      Taleen Awesome job
      Never Underestimate This Madwoman's Eternal Goober-ness
      Taleen and Nutmeg: We are the Talmeg. 2017 Best AN couple
      AN's Alpha Female

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        Pic #3

        Never Underestimate This Madwoman's Eternal Goober-ness
        Taleen and Nutmeg: We are the Talmeg. 2017 Best AN couple
        AN's Alpha Female

        Avatar: Nana Osaki, NANA


          Let me give this a shot

          Bad Luck Train

          This is the story of train BDL-TR0N.

          The story is that when anyone at all has a bad day they have a sudden urge to ride the train home.

          It is said that this train collects all those who have bad days and allows them to have bad days together.

          It does not matter to the train. It takes all problems big, small, urgent or trivial.

          For example take the couple arguing in the back, there problem is that the boyfriend was thought to be cheating but the girlfriend didn't know that.

          Or look at the women who looks quite grief-stricken, her problem is that she may have bought one too many breads at the store and his worried if she spent too much money.

          The train solves all problems that lead to their bad days before they depart from train BDL-TR0N.

          This is because once they depart they are born anew into happiness and peace of mind.

          Oh I think this is your stop now.

          have a good day and thank you for boarding train BDL-TR0N.

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            Ok. I'll just wing it...

            2: A Night OUT:

            I was out with Tanuki-san enjoying the open atmosphere of the cafe when the waiter came and bought us our treats that we ordered. "Here we go", the waiter, a boy about my age, put down both the parfait I had ordered and the bowls that Tanuki-san had ordered. It all looked so, so good, like something out of one of those accounts on Instagram that has constant pictures of food all the time.

            "Now then", Tanuki-san began, "Shall we talk?"

            3: Thoughts on a Delayed Train:

            Everything started to go awry when I saw the lady sitting across from us clutch her stomach. "Oh God", she moaned, "I think my water broke!"

            The smartass tough guy that was standing next to her had a look of, "OH S**T" written on his face. "This isn't real, isn't it?" he asked, standing in front of the door. With him, a small girl, dressed in Lolita fashion, just side-eyed him and muttered, "What do you think?"

            Off a little further down the train, I can hear a woman pointing at someone accusing them of groping her young companion that was probably her daughter. The accused was a blonde guy, probably not much older than me and had a gray bag, who promptly got his butt handed to him by a small girl dressed in the uniform of my rival school. She was a little ugly though; at least the daughter of the middle aged lady was cute and stylish. But...I digress. A little kid was just staring at everything going on as his father tried to get him away from it all.

            Meanwhile, next to me, Kensuke just tweeted out EVERYTHING for all of the internet to see. As if most people would care anyway.
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