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Thinking of trying Cosplay

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    Thinking of trying Cosplay

    Hey guys,

    Well for the past couple of months I've been thinking more seriously about doing some cosplay. There's a couple of conventions coming up, one in March I think and the other in June this year.

    I've got a few characters in mind that I'd like to do, I'm just wondering what are people's thoughts on home made vs bought costumes etc?

    I've seen some cool stuff for sale etc, but I don't know if that's looked down on in the cosplay world etc. I'd like to make it look as good as I possibly can.

    So far I'm thinking one of these:

    Squall - FF8
    Dante - DmC 5 (trying to decide if I do dark or white hair version)
    Sephiroth - FF7
    Ezio - AC2

    The only outfit I've ever 'put together' was 'The Crow' for Halloween a few years ago, but that just consisted of black pants, military type boots, make up (done by a girl I knew at the time), a 3/4 black leather jacket and a shirt that I cut holes into and also some black cloth strips etc. It was alright considering it was put together mostly in the space of an afternoon, but it wasn't 'great'.

    I don't know how to make 'weapons' or how to actually make costumes/clothes either. Hence why I'm thinking maybe I should just buy and then maybe mod it if I want it to be 'more accurate'.
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