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Lulu FFX Finished!! Thank god.

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  • Lulu FFX Finished!! Thank god.

    Finished sweet mother of god. Minus getting my ears pierced and a couple of small things but yet...done!!!
    Everything was made by me except the jewelry and wig. It wouldve cost way too much to make on my own. Same with the wig actually. I'd like to make my own later on. I just needed to save up for two conventions, primarily Acen. It'll be my first year down there.
    I realize i have some things different but i had so many darn problems finding the right colors. I'll probably try making the dress skirt part again from some gray leather i found online but it really makes me nervous ordering things i can't examine myself in person. Had issues with finding any fur that was long. I tried thrift stores, online, and finally the fabric store and just nothing pleased me so i felt forced to settle. :l wasnt too happy about that but nothing i could do.