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    Originally posted by GirlGamer View Post
    Yeah it was like heaven for me too. That's actually the store that I discovered manga starting with, you guessed it, Yu-Gi-Oh!.
    I used to drive an hour to buy VHSs with one to two episodes on 'emů and I loved it!
    No matter where you go, there you are.


      My last rightstuf order shipped. I think I'm done for now. Hopefully.

      Uta no Prince-Sama season 1
      Uta no Prince-Sama season 2
      No. 6 complete collection
      Ai no Kusabi OVA collection
      Meow Meow
      The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
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        Kiki's Delivery Service

        All most got 20 Ghibli movies
        It was a Summer that seemed as short as a moment in time but as long as all eternity


          WHOO HO!! Ladies Vs. Butlers on bluray finally shipped-should get my copy in a few days-it's about friggen' time.:
          "The world can be a scary place."


            The final volume of Sound! Euphonium is finally on the way from Japan. Can't wait


              Black Bullet Blu-ray (through yesterday's Mega Deal)
              The Devil is a Part-Timer! Blu-ray / DVD

              I'll wait until my paycheck next week to get everything else I want from the Holiday Sale. Hopefully I'll have it a bit more narrowed down by then.


                Originally posted by Kiku II View Post
                Date A Live II
                Wait? Is date a live 2 up for pre order already?
                "Mission, Complete"

                Rightstuf Refugee


                  I spent too much. I just ordered:

                  Is the Order a Rabbit? Blu-ray
                  Hanayamata Blu-ray
                  Knights of Sidonia Season 1 Collector's Edition Blu-ray/DVD
                  My Teen Romantic Comedy: SNAFU Blu-ray
                  Outbreak Company Blu-ray
                  Non Non Biyori Blu-ray

                  Knights of Sidionia really stands out in the pile of moe that I ordered
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                    Just Pre-ordered:

                    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Lenticular Edition Blu-ray

                    Korean Limited Edition Release (1800 copies) with English Subs only.


                      My final rightstuf order. I am official done. No more for months if I can help it.

                      Hell Girl: Two Mirrors complete collection.
                      Tari Tari complete collection
                      Two hentai titles....Black Widow and Love Doll

                      On eBay:

                      Hell Girl: Three Vessels collection 1
                      Hell Girl: Three Vessels collection 2

                      Apparently the third season of Hell Girl is hard to find. I've been wanting to complete this series for years and own it all. I am going to rewatch it, as it's really, really good.
                      Meow Meow
                      The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
                      ~Mahatma Ghandi


                        Today arrived Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl Vocal Collection DVD and Super Sonico: The Animation Complete Collection DVD.
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                          Originally posted by Gundam Meister View Post
                          Wait? Is date a live 2 up for pre order already?
                          Yup. Ordered both of the aforementioned titles at RightStuf. No LE for Date A Live II though. Oh well. Just glad it's a combo pack.

                          Just preordered:

                          Gugure! Kokkuri-san (got excited and double dipped)
                          No matter where you go, there you are.


                            Buddy Complex - The Complete Series -- Blu-ray
                            Coppelion - Complete Series - Combo Pack -- Blu-ray
                            Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu - The Complete Series -- Blu-ray
                            Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Borders 3 & 4 -- Blu-ray
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                              put in some preorders today...... I'm holding out on the Christmas sale - will probably pick a few things when they list everything...

                              Parasyte ~ the maxim Collection 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Box Set 1
                              Space Brothers Collection 8 Blu-ray
                              Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Collection 1 Blu-ray
                              One Piece Collection 15 DVD Uncut 1
                              Kingdom Season 2 DVD
                              PSYCHO-PASS Season 2 Premium Edition Blu-ray/DVD
                              Ellcia DVD
                              Haibane Renmei DVD Anime Classics


                                Mine wasn't quite that far away.
                                That and the mall nearby had Suncoast Video in it...

                                Bought via the Right Stuf sale:

                                Captain Tylor OVA
                                Ninja Nonsense
                                Grrl Power
                                Death Kappa
                                Squid Girl Season 1 (both parts)

                                A bit under $70.

                                Will probably grab Tenchi a bit later.
                                BTW due to people complaining about the Combo Pack of that, it's not currently sold by Amazon (you can get it from 3rd party people).
                                Apparently the reason is that people think it has all 3 OVA parts on it...
                                When it's pretty obvious that the 3rd OVA is named Ryo-Ohki.
                                While these were just "Tenchi Muyo" when they released them (even though technically the whole series is Ryo-Ohki).
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