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SO... Is Funimation "Essentials" replacing the pukey-green cover SAVE line?!?

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    SO... Is Funimation "Essentials" replacing the pukey-green cover SAVE line?!?

    I just noticed something on the pre-orders for the rest of the year...
    There are no SAVE titles that I saw listed for Funimation upcoming releases.
    Instead, every re-release is being branded an "Essentials" title. It's the same cover art as the original release BUT with a gray band at the top of the cover art with the "Essentials" label.

    This is NOT the first time I've seen an "Essentials" label from a domestic anime licensor. ADV Films also do an "Essential Anime Collection" label. I have a few of those re-releases. What made those stand out was that SOMETIMES ADV Films did "stealth remasters" of old titles as Essential Anime Collection DVDs -- ie, they had remastered video AND remixed 5.1 English audio tracks.

    So, I'm guessing Funimation is retiring the pukey-green SAVE line?
    I hope so!
    One of the things I DIDN'T like was that pukey-green color those used for the SAVE re-releases. I didn't mind saving money -- nobody should! -- but I hated how they screwed up the artwork put that lime green vomit color on the reissue artwork. At least the DVD/Blu ray slip art cover was reversible. I've reversed the art on a few of the SAVE title reissues I've bought.

    Frankly, I'm amazed Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is showing up so soon again as an Essentials re-release. It just got released late January this year, right?

    Yes, "S.A.V.E." releases have been eliminated courtesy of Funimation's new-ish owner Sony. Only titles that were already announced to be getting S.A.V.E. re-releases actually got released under that label post Sony buyout and there have been no new reprints of existing S.A.V.E. release titles since the buyout.

    And yes, ADV was very weird with how they handled their "Anime Essentials" re-release collections. As you said, they were a much better value than their earlier releases due to a number of overall quality improvement reasons.


      I am very glad that they got rid of the ugly green S.A.V.E line and just the blu-ray Essentials editions much nice looking on my shelf. I buy the Essentials line when I am not sure if I will like the series.
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