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SO... Is Funimation "Essentials" replacing the pukey-green cover SAVE line?!?

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    SO... Is Funimation "Essentials" replacing the pukey-green cover SAVE line?!?

    I just noticed something on the pre-orders for the rest of the year...
    There are no SAVE titles that I saw listed for Funimation upcoming releases.
    Instead, every re-release is being branded an "Essentials" title. It's the same cover art as the original release BUT with a gray band at the top of the cover art with the "Essentials" label.

    This is NOT the first time I've seen an "Essentials" label from a domestic anime licensor. ADV Films also do an "Essential Anime Collection" label. I have a few of those re-releases. What made those stand out was that SOMETIMES ADV Films did "stealth remasters" of old titles as Essential Anime Collection DVDs -- ie, they had remastered video AND remixed 5.1 English audio tracks.

    So, I'm guessing Funimation is retiring the pukey-green SAVE line?
    I hope so!
    One of the things I DIDN'T like was that pukey-green color those used for the SAVE re-releases. I didn't mind saving money -- nobody should! -- but I hated how they screwed up the artwork put that lime green vomit color on the reissue artwork. At least the DVD/Blu ray slip art cover was reversible. I've reversed the art on a few of the SAVE title reissues I've bought.

    Frankly, I'm amazed Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is showing up so soon again as an Essentials re-release. It just got released late January this year, right?