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Old anime features and an OVA series I wish would be licensed-rescued!

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    Old anime features and an OVA series I wish would be licensed-rescued!

    Older anime features I wish would at least be re-released on DVD if not Blu ray!

    In no particular order --
    Windaria -- the last release in North America was a DVD with the edited, English dialogue track but not the original Japanese language. LONG out-of-print.
    This is a classic. It's a shame it's lost in semi-obscurity.

    Leda, The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko -- I believe TRSI DID have the rights to this at one time and released a dubbed edition on VHS. I would love to see at least a DVD if not Blu ray edition with the original Japanese audio, subtitled. Again, long out-of-print. Even Japan doesn't have this one available on DVD at the moment.

    And in the it-will-never-be-released as long as Macross/Robotech are in legal wrestling,
    Macross: Do You Remember Love. This is one of the last major 1980s theatrical science fiction anime features that STILL hasn't been released in the West on 5-inch disc format!
    I just got the second-edition, UNEDITED, Blu ray from Japan in the mail two days ago... It's a crying shame it's unlicensable.
    The Blu ray has issues with the mastering and inconsistent video quality between the theatrical film elements and upscaled video from Flashback 2012 but it's still a pretty film to watch.

    And something I wish would get re-released, remastered with today's video tech --
    The Devil Hunter Yohko OVA series. Even if this were a DVD-only release, it could look SO MUCH better with a fresh refiltering and color sweetening!
    I was surprised that Toho never seriously considered relaunching this series with a remake on its 20th anniversary. Heck, even the original title character voice actress is still working in the anime industry!
    (Then again, we've all seen how Sailor Moon has been at least semi-bungled in its remake so maybe it's for the best a remake of DHY didn't happen!)

    I have two:

    The Adventures of Kotetsu
    This was a two ep OVA that ADV released a long time ago on VHS but never to dvd.
    It wasn't anything special, but for some reason I'd love to see released again.

    The Heroic Legend of Arslan ( The Original OVA)

    I love this series so much...
    I'd love for someone to give it a good proper release,
    with cleaned up footage and subtitles, NOT dubtitles...
    And would it be to much to ask that it stop on the end of an episode and not in the frickin middle of it...

    There are lot's more I'd love to see but for now those two are my top pics.
    Nope, not even gonna try...


      Just to name a few.

      Rumik World OVAs such as

      Fire Tripper
      Laughing Target
      Maris the Chojo
      Mermaid Saga: Mermaid Scar and Mermaid Forest

      Other OVAs
      Ai City
      California Crisis
      Blue Sonnet


        I'd really like to see Compiler released to dvd as it was only released as both dubbed and subbed vhs. It's pretty funny and the dub is quite good. And I'll second The Adventures Of Kotetsu.
        "The world can be a scary place."