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Harem anime redundant?

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  • Harem anime redundant?

    hello John notice a pattern with a typical harem anime over the last few years the characteristics include a jerkass protaganist(nerd or high school delinquent) who comes as a chaste idiot who don't have a raging stiffie when a naked chick mysteriously sleeps in his bed; a harem team consist of a tsundere genki girl who may or may not be a Shana clone,a childhood friend who was promise to marry ,a ladette with big boobs and swears a lot sometimes fall in the category of hard party drinking girl ,a smart girl(Meganekko) who sometimes wear glasses sometimes dress in a Qipao and my all time favorite A Rei Ayanmei expy chick(Neon Genesis Evangelion) who is stoic quiet and sports white hair get the picture?Rosario+Vampire Sekirei, Maken Ki,Infinite Stratos,Freezing,Campione,High School DXD,Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero if I am missing popular titles please feel free to add in I just want know are these harem genre still popular is it relevant to a plot of a story nowadays do you see harem more balance with other girls outshining one another in a story?

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    Wish fulfilment tropes are still marketable to the anime fandom? Huh. Whodathunkit?
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      Originally posted by bkeane View Post
      ...a tsundere genki girl who may or may not be a Shana clone...

      ...I just want know are these harem genre still popular
      Not to sound like an old fart know-it-all, but the tsundere character type has been around since waaaaaay before Shana. Honestly, she wouldn't make a list of even the top 10 most memorable/influential anime girls of that mold, which underscores the point that harem shows, or shows with harem elements, have been consistently popular for decades, and are likely to continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

      As to why Japanese audiences don't get tired of seeing similar elements crop up again and again in different series, even in Japan, a lot of anime fans give up the hobby after high school or college. And for a lot of those who don't, those familiar anime tropes hit so dead-center in their personal sweet spot that they'll take as many servings as the industry will dish out. That's not to say all enduring Japanese anime fans are willing to pour their cash into whatever the newest harem show, but enough are that when combined with younger fans (for whom those repeating elements still feel fresh) that studios keep cranking harem anime out.
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        As long as people keep buying them, they will keep being made.
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          I'll admit to having a proclivity toward harem series--'Rosario + Vampire' being my first--but quality can vary greatly in any genre. So even if you're seeing the same basic premise/character-types yet again, the presentation and characterizations can still make something fun, even for the umpteenth go-around. For me, 'Tenchi Muyo' is the harem standard-bearer,and 'Cat Planet Cuties' is incredibly awesome(and underrated); 'Love Hina' is 'ick!' for me (Shinobu is the only main girl I like there) as I think that a real harem has to have a cast that really digs the main character, a feeling I don't get from that show. 'Vandread' looks like a harem, but really isn't, since Dita is the only one really interested in Hibiki (a good sci-fi show anyway).
          Not all harems are comedies--see 'Utawareromono' and 'Neo-Angelique: Abyss', the latter of which is an action-fantasy reverse harem(and pretty good,I might add).
          Are harems redundant? No more so than mecha or magical girl shows--it's finding the ones that grab your attention and keep it. Good Luck!