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    Addition for your question today. Nadia was loosely based on "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea"

    And Fun fact on Hamlet that really serves no purpose.

    Might not have gotten an anime adaptation, but it was adapted into another fandom, Klingon
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      Thanks, but technically I'm covered. I wrote, "And that’s not to mention the countless anime adaptations... of more recent classic novels dating from the Romantic period onward to today." Verne's 20,000 Leagues was published in 1870, meaning that it's more recent than the Romantic period.


        Re: Megadeth Nyan Nyan Article.

        While I commend your title choice, you should qualify the statements regarding Marty Friedman as a former member of Megadeth as he left the band in 1998 due to personal and musical differences with band leader Dave Mustaine.
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          This is reply to your "Why are classic Go Nagai Anime Passed up for English Release?" Ask John piece, where you said:
          Gaogaiger was undoubtedly an unfortunate expensive failure for Media Blasters.
          Well, this is quite frankly not quite true, as John Sirabella posted over at the AoD forums back in June of this year and said this in regards to GaoGaiGar's overall sales:
          It did ok but if we dubbed the enture series it would have not been worth it. We would have loss money. Unfortunately the show while quite good just does not have the legs of a Giant Robo, Teknoman or Voltron.
          Here's the actual post. Now the term "success" can be up to opinion and change depending on the show, but from that quote it seems to me that Media Blasters, at the very least, broke even with GaoGaiGar... Far from being an "undoubtedly unfortuante expensive failure" like you said it was, John. That line should be fixed so as to not give people the wrong idea.




              In this article you said that Bandai hadn't announced plans to release 08th MS Team: Miller's Report.
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