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  • John Needs Help

    After more than a year we've now fixed the "Ask John" page to allow me to be able to edit, alter and correct published "Ask John" articles. However, as Murphy's Law dictates, somehow I've lost the nearly 80 e-mail messages I had saved that suggested alterations and corrections to "Ask John" articles.

    So now I'm asking, if you know of any typos, errors, corrections, additions or any other alterations that need to be done to any articles on the "Ask John" page, please inform me of them via e-mail or this message board and I'll see to them immediately.

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    Re: John Needs Help

    In this article you said that Bandai hadn't announced plans to release 08th MS Team: Miller's Report.

    Bandai had actually just announced the release at about that time.


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      The third and fourth paragraphs of the "Ask John" article discussing the meaning of the Utena movie have been revised. You may need to delete your temporary internet items cache then refresh the page to see the alterations.

      My thanks go out to the two readers that sent in e-mail comments regarding this article. You know who you are.


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        recover lost items?

        I'm not sure if this would be of some help, but
        there's this website, whose URL is
        and they're some crazy ppl that have been archiving
        the net since like 1996, and they have like a billion
        terabytes of crap.
        directly points to the old archive of Ask John, which has
        been stored on their server. Might wanna check it out.


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          The Japanese spelling of the title to the Macross movie has been corrected, and the Western title rephrased from "Love, Do You Remember?" to "Do You Remember Love?" in the How Much Macross Is There? "Ask John" article. Thanks to Henri Chen for the pointers.


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            I've added a mention of Tenchi Muyo GXP to the "Ask John" article about Tenchi Muyo continuity. The updated article still does not mention the third OAV series because there is still no confirmed release date for this series in Japan.


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              The Ask John article titled What is Steel Angel Kurumi? has been updated with additional information to reflect the series that have premiered in Japan since this article was first written.

              The article titled Why Does Ryoko Have A Tail? has been updated with an additional piece of information taken from the official Pioneer American OAV series DVD boxed set.


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                The "Ask John" article titled What Was the Best Year for Anime? has been edited to place Sailormoon into its correct time-frame of 1990s rather than 1980s. The timespan between the premiers of Dragonball and Evangelion mentioned in the first paragraph was also revised and corrected from 6 years to 9 years. Dragonball premiered in 1986. Evangelion premiered in 1995.

                Thanks to Dessa for pointing out my Sailormoon error.


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                  The Are Hentai, Ecchi and Doujinshi Different? article has been edited to alter the words "no actual physical sex" to "relatively little actual physical sex" in the second paragraph sentence, "As examples, manga series like Goldenboy, Iketeru Futari, Otenki Oniisan (Weathergirl Report), G-Taste and Futari ni Omakase are "ecchi" because they contain heavy sexual humor, exploitive shots and scenes and a heavy emphasis on sexual innuendo but relatively little actual physical sex."


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                    man, I love the way you go through all the old stuff or get others to point it out and correct and post even the smallest mistake. Your the king man.
                    The dreams aren't broken down here. Nah, their just walking with a limp. Cause small change got rained on by his own 38. - Tom Waits.


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                      Not exactly a correction, I've updated the article titled "How Much Dragonball Is There?" to include more specific and detailed information on the Playdia games instead of just a single sentance reference to them.


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                        The Ask John article on Japanese currency has been edited to correct the statement "At the present time 100 yen is the equivalent of about 82 American cents. In other words, your American dollar bill will buy you a dollar's worth of anime in America, but only 82 cents worth of anime in Japan." The original statement is simply the result of me being an English major and very, very far from competent in math.

                        Thanks to rgsmoot for reminding me of the error.


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                          The "Ask John" article titled "Why Does Almost All Anime Have Nudity?" has been edited to correct and remove reference to the Cowboy Bebop television series, which, I'd forgotten, does include one very brief scene of rather unusual nudity.


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                            While browsing randomly through some of the old questions this evening, I discovered a minor error in the following article: When Was The Sailor Moon Manga Released?

                            Ami's First Love isn't really a special episode per se. It is a short film that was shown in theaters with the Sailor Moon SuperS movie. (In Japan, of course.)

                            Ami's First Love is actually only one of two Sailor Moon short films. The other one, Make Up! Sailor Soldiers, was screened with the Sailor Moon R movie.

                            There is also one TV special consisting of 3 episodes, which are collectively known as "Sailor Moon SuperS Plus".
                            (That's how VKLL Fansubbsers translate it, anyway.)

                            The Save Our Sailors Campaign website actually has a fairly decent article on those lesser-known bits of anime:


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                              Going on a homosexual rampage, I finally got around to combining the addendum from this AnimeNation News update with the "Ask John" article about the sexual preferences of the Gundam W boys.

                              I also modified the "Ask John" article titled "Is Lee Shaoran Gay?" to include information I wasn't aware of at the time I composed this answer.

                              The article about Sailormoon that Sailormech pointed out above has also now been corrected.