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Crunchyroll is partnering whit NBCUniversal to make Anime?

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  • Crunchyroll is partnering whit NBCUniversal to make Anime?

    I hear that Crunchyroll is partnering whit NBCUniversal to make Anime. Some people are saying that anime as we know now will be changed, americanized, like IGPX. ¿What's your thought about it?

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    1. The ones who are convinced that anime will be Americanized are full of shit.

    2. CR: 'Hey Sentai...wanna hang out with Amazon? FU We Get Universal now!'
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      Yup, agree with the above. Just ignore those Chicken Littles. This deal isn't going to drastically change the kind of anime being made. Per season, I would guess only 2-3 out of 50-ish would come from this deal. There will still be plenty of what we're used to seeing coming out of Japan. The anime they'll create out of this will likely still be of Japanese origin (based off a manga, light novel and so on), but they'll be stories that appeal more to a Western audience (which is more than just America). Regardless, if these anime don't make money, they won't keep pushing them out. However, if they do end up with a hit or two, that's more money for the industry and I don't see that as a bad thing.

      Truthfully, it's more likely that this is a response to Netflix and Amazon poking their heads into the anime industry (same goes with their partnership with Funimation). Being part of the production committee should make it easier for Crunchyroll to get licensing rights, without having to go into a bidding war against those two.
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        I posted my response as an Ask John article.


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          I love your last paragraph there, John, as I was thinking this exact same thing, which is right down my alley as far as anime goes:

          Increased global demand for anime and involvement in anime production can and will result in the increasing production of shows that American viewers want that may not necessarily be in demand among Japanese viewers, such as sequels to anime titles popular in America and potentially an increasing number of dark, serious, dramatic and mature anime.Note that darker, mature-oriented anime series such as Ergo Proxy, Guilty Crown, Psycho Pass, Darker Than Black, Mnemosyne, Gantz, Shigurui, and Blame frequently tend to appeal more to American viewers than Japanese viewers considering how the percentage of situational comedies and lighthearted anime vastly outnumbers dark & serious anime produced annually in Japan.


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            Thanks for the respond✌