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Videogames impact on otaku culture.

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  • Videogames impact on otaku culture.

    I was wondering about what video games have had a big impact on the japanese otaku culture?

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    I'm going to make a random guess and say Hatsune Miku.


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      Hatsune Miku? Its that a game?✌
      What about To Heart 1997, someone said is a cult game among japanese otaku.


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        Please give me a day or two to give this question some thought. Video games are not my primary forte. However, just off the top of my head, I'm sure that we can say that certain "telebi games" including Princess Maker, Street Fighter, Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy have been tremendously influential on anime. ToHeart is absolutely a cult hit, and it's had a lot of anime adaptations, but I'm not certain if it's had quite as much of an influence as Kanon, which appeared two years later.

        Hatsune Miku is software, but original she's not a "game."

        EDIT: Oops. After I typed the above short response, I realized that the original question specified "on otaku culture" rather than "on anime."


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          Don't worry✌
          It will be equally interesting to know your thoughts on the subject "videogame impact on anime"

          By the way, should i make a new post like " what video games have had a big impact on anime?"


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            Again, apologies for my missing reply. The question is still in my mind. I'm ashamed that I still haven't provided a proper answer.