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What Anime is your avatar from?

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  • What Anime is your avatar from?

    What Anime (or whatever applies) is your avatar from?

    I started this thread because I usually found cool avatars (specially ani gifs) among the forum users but 90% of the time I have no idea what show do they come from.

    Oh, mine?

    It's from an H-Manga called Daijoubu (by Shiwasu no Okina). Is the main male character and is called Fa- (or Far depending who you ask). He grants special mahou-shojo-like powers to a couple of girls and... ... ... and I will stop here since, well, its an H-Manga.

    I know it might not be proper for a guy with an H-Manga avatar to start a thread on avatars, but I really want to know about yours!

  • #2 avatar might be well known (or not O_o) depending on who you ask. As my sig says, it's Riku from Kingdom Hearts II (a rather popular video game, frome what I've seen). It's not from an anime...but, seeing as how I'm addicted to the video game once again, I felt like having Riku as my avatar.

    But I change my avatar almost every week I'll have to post here again once I do!


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      I find myself calling lots of guys girls because they have a girl in their avatar.

      I'm a guy and my avatar is Vash the Stampede from Trigun.


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        Desslock of Gamilon, from Star Blazers, the heavily edited version of Space Battleship Yamato.
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          Not from anime, but close enough: Lord Zedd, from the second season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (adapted from the tokusatsu show Dekaranger). I've had this one for a while, though, and I'm going to be changing it soon (oh, and if you're wondering why it says Lord Vega on it, that's the name I go by on a lot of other forums).
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            Mine is actually Albel Nox from the star ocean game >.>


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              mine is kanako from the love hina manga
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                Mine is an insanely grainy crappily cropped pic of Kotobuki Ran from Super GALS!.
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                  Mine are Haruhi and Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. I am thinking about changing it again soon.
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                    Ranma 1/2. Female Ranma, and Happosai, the perverted ojisan. Since I'm well on the way to being a perverted ojisan myself, it seems quite appropriate. I'll probably find a new Kuno image when I get tired of this one, because Kuno is my favourite avatar character.


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                      Mine is actually a manga pic of Sailor Cosmos from Sailor Moon. She does appear in Sailor Moon, in the fifth season, but briefly and you can't really see her face since she's surrounded by light. xD

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                        Faye------From Cowboy Bebop


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                          Onizuka from GTO, of course. I might change it soon... but I kninda like it.
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                            Overman King Gainer

                            A very fun underrated Tomino anime, although unlike most of his anime this is one of his more light shows.


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                              Axis funtime bath toy from a crappy Gundam H Doujin.
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