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Your Top Ten Favorite Anime

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    In no particular order
    1. Cowboy Bebop
    2. Samurai Champloo
    3. Code Geass
    4. Spice and Wolf
    5. Chihayafuru
    6. Yu Yu Hakusho
    7. Steins;Gate
    8. Monogatari series
    9. Garden of Sinners
    10. Gundam Wing
    i couldve done a top 100, but it seems that would be excessive.
    Though i must say, Shuffle, is very underrated.


      Strike Witches
      Gunslinger Girl
      Now And Than, Here And There
      GolGo 13
      Cowboy Bebop
      MORIBITO: Guardian of the Spirit
      Witch Hunter Robin
      Ghost in the Shell
      Elfen Lied
      Michiko & Hatchin


        [My top three will always stay my top three but 4-10 may or may not change in the future but this is just my current list! I'm not including the 2+ seasons, I'll just be listing down the first season of each series to make things easier lol]

        1. Naruto
        2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
        3. Hunter x Hunter 2011
        4. Nanatsu no Taizai
        5. Boku no Hero Academia
        6. Steins;Gate
        7. Shingeki no Kyojin
        8. One Punch Man
        9. Aa no Exorcist
        10. Soul Eater


          Updates in Red
          Originally posted by Ohiotaku View Post
          Cowboy Bebop
          Azumanga Daioh
          My Hero Academia
          Yuru Camp

          Magic Knight Rayearth (pretending that the OVA doesn't exist)
          School Rumble
          Louie the Rune Soldier
          Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation
          A Place Further Than the Universe
          Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

          Project A-ko (the original)
          Dirty Pair: Project Eden
          Ranma 1/2: Nihao my Concubine
          Princess Mononoke
          Castle in the Sky
          Perfect Blue
          Patema Inverted
          Children Who Chase Lost Voices
          Expelled from Paradise
          Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade
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            Now before I list my top ten favorite anime keep in mind this list is not set in stone and could change at any time. In fact the more anime Iíve been exposed to the more my mind changes which I think is the beautiful thing about anime it always surprises you. Anyways enough beating around the bush time to move on to my list and my reasons for liking each one.

            10. Binchou-tan (2006 TV Series) - I am a very casual fan when it comes to Iyashikei anime but this anime immediately sucked me in with its atmosphere and adorable character design. Binchoutan herself is absolutely adorable and I enjoy watching her day to day life. What makes her so loveable is the context surrounding her life which just makes me want to hug, protect, and love her. However what really makes me love this show is that the atmosphere sucks me in and makes me feel at peace. And to top it all off Binchotan is surrounded by a cast of fun and friendly characters. Binchoutan when it comes to Iyashikei type anime gets everything right for me.

            9. Leda The Fantastic Adventure of Yoko (1987 OVA Film) - Ever since I was exposed to Devil Hunter Yohko Iíve enjoyed bishoujo action anime or magical girl warriors. This films character design is just great and the world that Yoko inhabits is really well drawn. The story is pretty generic but entertaining and the action is fun with a touch of sexy and the animation is fluid. I know Isekai anime is nothing to write home about nowadays especially since some are considered to be bad but this film was entertaining, beautiful, and enjoyable.

            8. Samurai Spirits Asura Zamaden (1999 OVA Series) - Contrary to popular opinion, I actually think there are good video game adaptations and some are well loved. Street Fighter II, The Fatal Fury 1994 OVA, Clannad, Fate Stay Night, Steins Gate, and Variable Geo are examples of this. You could replace Zamaden with any of the others I listed and get the same result. Unlike the movie it was based on, this OVA did a lot of things that I liked but most importantly it remained true to the spirit of the source material (seeing as how it was to be a promotion for the Samurai Spirits 64 Video Game) while being its own beast. The tone was dark, the cast was reduced which gave more room for character development, the violence had that ďgameĒ feel while still feeling dangerous and deadly. It also starred Nakoruru one of my favorite characters in the series! Canít get any better than that!

            7. Cobra the Animated Series (1983 TV Series, 2008 OVA Series, and 2013 TV Series) - Cobra in my opinion is the James Bond of anime (of the Sean Connery variety) heís cool, tough, suave, and always gets the ladies. I couldnít put one series over any of the others because honestly it just feels like one giant continuation. His adventures are fun and fantastical, the fights and the ecchi content are great, and Cobra is enjoyable to watch. While he might be a Gary-Stu who you know is going to win itís always interesting in how he goes about it. Also his opponents arenít slackers in combat either which is why itís always fun to watch. Cobra takes his martiniís shaken and not stirred lol.

            6. Black Rock Shooter (2012 TV Series) - I am normally not a fan of CGI in anime even knowing that its a necessity in anime production today. However when anime does CGI right with shows like Land of the Lustrous for example then its forgiveable. This anime is another example of CGI being done right as the fight scenes in this anime are absolutely amazing to watch. It also helps that I am a Black Rock Shooter fan she has all the qualities I love sheís stylish, sexy, and stoic. On top of that the anime added a very heavy dramatic story that I became so engrossed in that I was sad when it ended in eight episodes which is honestly my only complaint. However Iíd rather have short and sweet then long and dull.

            5. Sword of the Stranger (2007 Film) - Being a huge fan of samurai and shinobi anime this is hands down my favorite samurai anime yet (really need to see Kurozuka). The movieís climax battle is just beautiful, epic, and large scale. However what really makes this my favorite samurai movie is the final battle. My God my mouth just dropped at the sheer spectacle of it! The best animated sword fight Iíve ever seen done in anime! The story isnít amazing by any means but its strengths of strong visuals, atmosphere, environments, and large scale battle scenes make this easily my favorite samurai anime yet.

            4. Fate/Zero (2012 TV Series) - I was trying to choose between this and the Unlimited Blade Works TV series but this won out. Emiya Kiritsuguís character is what really drove this show for me over the Unlimited Blade Works TV Series due to his issatsu tasho philosophy of ďSacrifice the Few for the Sake of ManyĒ. Then again the whole series is entrenched in engaging philosophical discussions that never seem preachy or pretentious. The battles are engaging and well animated especially with Kiritsugu who shows time and time again how competent of a character he is. You combine this with the seriesí dark tone, atmosphere, and compelling characters with a stoic badass like Kiritsugu and you have a winner.

            3. Dirty Pair (1985 TV Series, 1987 OVA TV Series, 1985 OVA, 1986 Film, and 1990 OVA) - Dirty Pair is absolutely my favorite girls with guns anime and the show is absolutely fun, sexy, stylish, and smart much like our two heroines Kei and Yuri. These two honestly carry the whole show for me due to how three dimensional they are as characters they can be petty and shallow and then turn around and be dead serious and professional. They may constantly argue but when the time comes they work in perfect synergy to get the job done. They demonstrate on multiple occasions their street smarts knowing how to manipulate others, survive, and avoid being taken advantage of. The missions they find themselves in are always fun and often reference a lot of other sci-fi franchises like Star Trek, Aliens, and The Terminator. I could go on all day gushing about how awesome this show is but I think Iíve made my point itís definitely a show that needs more love.

            2. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Series (2004- Present TV Series, OVA, Manga, Films, and Sound Stages) - When I said I loved Magical Girl Warrior Anime this is honestly the front runner for me. It has a cast of wonderful loveable characters and combines it with larger then life magical battles that feel more reminiscent of Gundam than an average Mahou Shoujo Series. I love Nanoha for carrying on her shoulders three of the toughest jobs in the world a Soldier, a Teacher, and a Parent and doing it with the grace of a Yamato Nadeshiko. Fate has to be one of the sweetest and gentle characters in all of anime especially considering her sad backstory, and Vivio is just a darling little angel who works hard everyday to be strong regardless of what others say about her. Outside of the spin off materials like Fate x Nanoha or the card game I honestly love the entire franchise. The series is rich with detail and content, filled with tons of fan service, great characters, and amazing battles. Itís everything I could ever ask for from a magical girl anime.

            1. Cardcaptor Sakura (1998 TV Series, 1999 Movie, 2000 Movie, and 2018 TV Series) - This is hands down my favorite anime of all time everything in it in my opinion is just perfect. The characters are wonderful (Sakura Kinomoto is just too pure for this world lol), the atmosphere is charming, and the drama tugs at the heartstrings. I absolutely love Sakura Kinomoto and seeing her grow and mature throughout the series is affecting. I honestly couldnít choose a favorite in this series because once again everything else is just a continuation of the 98 anime. Itís utterly amazing that the 2018 Clear Card arc captured the spirit of what made the original anime great despite CLAMP being away from the franchise for so long. This anime is the one I treasure most and would love to show my kids (if I ever have any).

            Well thatís my list and I apologize that my post was so long and if youíve read this far then thank you. I promise that most of my posts wonít be this long but I wanted to put some serious effort into this thanks for reading!
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              ^Don't apologize! :D

              I like Fate/Zero...that and Last Encore are probably my favorites. I have TRIED to get into the original series but I just can't....

              Heaven's Feel is supposed to be good, but...I'd rather rent or see them on bootleg sites than spend money on something I might not like. I bought Fate/Grand Order and I couldn't get into it.

              The spinoff with Adult Waver/El-Melloi looks pretty good though.

              And I see you're a man/woman of culture as well with CCS as your top favorite.

              Current List of Faves because my tastes are always, ALWAYS changing....

              Asobi Asobase
              Katsugeki Touken Ranbu
              Millenium Actress
              Yona of the Dawn
              Idolish 7
              Bungo Stray Dogs
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