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What was the last anime series you completed watching??

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    Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto- All in all the series was good. It is one that if you are looking for a major plot...this is not it. It is just a slice of life series about a Cool guy named Sakamoto and his days at school for a year.
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      That time I reincarnated as Slime

      Episodes 24 & 25 will be special episodes not following the main story (episode 25 will be a recap from Veldora's POV) so I guess I can chalk up this one as complete

      Meh, the first arc was okay, after Shizu's arc it was just even more nonsensical than the average walking jesus isekai. Although I do have to admit that Shizu's students story was okish (too bad the fairy demonlord was as annoying as Millim)

      Overall, it was a bad time sink, an isekai on easy mode as Gigguk would say.



        Just found it a bit dull for my liking, but I can see others enjoying the absurd humour and educational elements.
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          Hugtto! Precure ♡ Futari wa Precure: All Stars Memories - Movie

          Wasn't expecting this one to be fansubbed today, and boy was it quite a pleasant surprise.

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            Samurai Champloo Well havent watch this in a long time and it still really good but this really have some of the most random episodes for bing in the Edo Period
            It was a Summer that seemed as short as a moment in time but as long as all eternity


              Otona no Bouguya-san

              I kinda kep postponing to watch the last episode for a while, but finally watched it.
              Meh, the series lost a ton of steam midpoint when they had to recycle animation and jokes.



                A nice drama that made me tear up near the end.


                  Mini Toji no Miko

                  A lot lighter and funnier than the original series. I want a season 2 of this, along with more Hiyo-yon bullying


                    A Place Further Than The Universe

                    For my money, it was THE best slice of life show I've watched in the last decade.
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                      Egao no Daika 12eps Well it not to bad but there was a lot that was crammed into only 12 episodes but you get to see why both sides are fighting but Yuuki side was losing a lot more then Stella side but it was just such a cop out ending
                      It was a Summer that seemed as short as a moment in time but as long as all eternity