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Have Your Tastes in Anime Changed?

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    My tastes in anime has changed only in the fact that I have expanded. I used to have only watched or liked two or three series and couldn't seem to get interested in any others. Sora N has helped in that regard and now there are several series I like and several more I want to see in the future.
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      My taste change about every year and a half to two years. Theyre in the middle of a change now and this will be the most interesting. All the other evolutions in my taste were based on a me that hadn't seen a bunch is shows in a bunch of genres. I'm pretty well versed in everything but hentai now so I'm exited to see where I end up because this will probably be where I stay for the rest of my fandom. I just hope I don't end up as the bitter, jaded, ultra turbo hater that too many well versed fans end up as.


        My tastes in anime still haven't changed after all these years. I still enjoy a good shoujo with romance, drama, fantasy themes. But like life itself, I've changed, and the times have changed. Anime simply isn't as easily available to find as it used to be before and there isn't as much diversity as it used to be like back in the day. The industry has dwindled quite a bit. I always enjoyed animation from the 80's and 90's and still really haven't caught on to the newer CGI used in today's anime (save for Tsubasa Chronicle). As long as companies continue to do more remake classics like the new Slayers Revolution/Evolution R, and new Sailor Moon, I will always be interested and may eventually come to accept the newer CGI of today.
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          Not at all.


            I think I'm falling out of favour with shows like Bleach, Evangelion and Love Hina (ESPECIALLY the later) but One Piece is turning out to be an ok series despite the fact I refused to watch it initially for the goofy "un-anime like" designs.

            Seems I want to watch shows that have less Moe and more substance and action these days. Hard to find in todays over satuaration of slice of life though.
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              I know my taste have changed when I'm actually starting to like Evangelion

              One Piece is ok...and I do like Blue Exorcist, but Bleach pretty much has left a nasty taste in my mouth in regards to WSJ stuff....
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                The only dose of Bleach I've got is the Saturday night Toonami line up of Bleach and that's plenty. I don't hate it or anything, but I don't ever plan on watching it from start to finish. I'd like to start watching one piece from start to finish tho, but I'm a DUB fan, so I'll be waiting a very long time to watch every single episode.

                Last night, I started watching Eureka 7 and I have a pretty good feeling I'm going to like it alot. I've actually been wanting to watch a Mecha show for quite a while now so I'm pretty happy.
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                  Have Your Tastes in Anime Changed?
                  I'll almost eat anything (anime) when I get hungry. So I can't say my taste is not varied when there is a vast variety of foods dangling in front of me I'd like to chomp down for consumption.


                    Yes and no. On the one hand, I enjoy nearly ever show now that I did as a kid. However, my tastes have expanded somewhat, going from just Shounen action shows and the occasional mecha, to a good mix of many different genres (though I still watch lots of mecha and shounen). My tastes are still expanding, as I'm finding more and more shows froms genres I previously never thought about that interest me.

                    EDIT: I should probably mention that while there are a few shows that I think aren't very good anymore, I won't let that stop me from enjoying a show so long as there's some good to be had in it. I don't know how long I can keep up with that phylosophy, but I hope it lasts a while. Thanks to that, there are very few shows I haven't enjoyed.
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                      Have my tastes in anime changed?

                      I would have to say a definite yes because I used to love some of the anime titles distributed through Urban Vision Entertainment such as Vampire Hunter D, Pet Shop of Horrors, Bio Hunter, etc. (usually the more ultra-violent anime, anything considered hentai - that my parents didn't approve of me watching as a teen).

                      Eventually, I got older - maybe a little more mature and while I did enjoy those titles at one point, I don't see any reason to keep watching them.
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                        Long time ago, I used to watch action anime such as Robotech, Daimos, Voltes V, Ninja Robots, Vandread, etc.

                        My anime taste has changed after seeing Strawberry Eggs. That was when I got into ecchi anime.


                          *blows dust off thread*

                          I've long outgrown all of those collectible monster shows like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bakugan, Beyblade, Duel Masters and Yokai-Watch.


                            Six Years Later...

                            Originally posted by goddessofanime View Post
                            I know my taste have changed when I'm actually starting to like Evangelion

                            One Piece is ok...and I do like Blue Exorcist, but Bleach pretty much has left a nasty taste in my mouth in regards to WSJ stuff....

                            Never got into One Piece or BE. And I despise Evangelion XD

                            Nowadays I find myself either digging the weird comedy, slice of life series or straight up action.

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                              Originally posted by tigeress02 View Post
                              I can't say my tastes have changed much, as I've always been open to watching anything once. The main thing that's changed is how much stuff I have access to. When I started out 16-ish years ago, I only had what was on TV (didn't have internet access at the time). Now I'm practically drowning in it. I'm currently watching 11 simulcasts plus stuff out of my DVD backlog.
                              I'm the same as when I originally answered this question (open to anything and drowning in anime to watch). The one thing that's changed is that I just don't have as much free time as I did back then. Weird short-form series seem to be all I've been watching lately, plus an occasional movie. I've got a number of standard length shows started, but my progress is very slow. It's times like this were I wish I were a kid again. Gone are the days were I could just watch a 1 to 2 cour series in a matter of days.
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                                Not much since I replied in August 2012. Pretty much the same stuff.
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