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    Carnival Phantasm

    hey all,

    I came across this anime on YouTube called CARNIVAL PHANTASM. I first heard about it from its catchy opening on
    one of these "Try not to sing or dance anime challenge" videos. it is quite amusing. it is essentially a rip on the Fate
    series, including Fate/Zero as well as Tsukihime (neither anime I have seen) anyhoo, there are these cat-like beings
    the Aherene who run a shop/pub and they "host" the Carnival Phantasm, an event where every ten years characters
    from different stories, especially the Fate universe gather to socialize. each episode has something different: a game
    show, a car race, soap operas, and other fun things. there is the running joke of the character Lancer dying each
    episode (kind of Fate's version of Kenny) an interesting comment is one YouTuber saying "I just watched a back-
    to-back marathon of Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works. I needed this SOOOOOOO bad!" in other words, the animes
    in question are obviously depressing and CP lightens the mood and gives one the chance to laugh. so do we like
    this anime and, if so, what is our favorite episode?

    I saw this years was pretty cute.

    Considering how super SUPER popular the Fate franchise is overall in the West, I"m surprised no one's licensed it.
    I love lamp.


      Its a parody to celebrate Type-Moon's tenth year. My favorite episode is the Holy Grail Grand Prix.

      I'm kinda surprised it wasn't released here but I guess this is aimed at a more niche audience since its really aimed at hardcore fans of the visual novels. Especially with Tsukihime since there is no anime based on that(as the joke goes).