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Maquia, When The Flower Blooms

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    Maquia, When The Flower Blooms

    I didn't see this so I decided to start this topic.
    I've seen probably about half the anime feature films released through Fathom Events and other distributors in the past two years.
    There IS stuff I skip like Dragonball and Sailor Moon... I have no interest in DBZ and I already own the SM movies for the last DVD releases by Pioneer. Yep, I still have my Pioneer DVDs with the original dubs and am upgrading with the Blu ray as they get released!

    Anyhow, just saaw Maquia this past weekend. I have Anohana on Blu ray (the dubbed TV series edition) but have yet to see it. I sort of knew Okada by reputation but was unprepared for the movie still!

    I'm not gonna away plot details other than this -- consider the ramfications of being near-immortal and falling in love with or caring for a normal human being.
    Okada did, and Maquia is EASILY the second or third saddest anime feature I've seen. Grave of the Fireflies still tops my list of tear-jerkers.

    There are films I'll only see once in my lifetime because they were psychologically difficult to sit through. Watching someone fall apart mentally unscreen or see ultra-violent crime committed is pretty difficult for many people. There were two films I've seen (in addition to Overfiend which just disgusts me) that I won't see again.
    Maquia is another debatable film. It was beautifully drawn and had some psychological twists including a near-Oedipal fixation but it ultimately went another way.
    And that is all I will say! You'll have to see the film yourself...