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    We have another announcement teaser for you! Grab your Sherlock caps and do a bit of sleuthing to see if you can guess what it is...
    Given the clue and pic, it couldn't be anything else but Gosick. Not surprising given all the other Kadokawa shows they've been putting out recently. Unlike a number of those, they seem to be dubbing this one. Just like with Seven Deadly Sins, I hope they get their QC in order before this gets released, as I really want this one for my collection.

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    Yes! Finally! This will be mine!
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      First Nichijou and now this.

      Finally...justice for two of the best series I've seen in years.
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        Its about time someone got this
        It was a Summer that seemed as short as a moment in time but as long as all eternity


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          I watched Gosick on Crunchyroll several years ago and enjoyed it.
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            Gosick dub cast confirmed:



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              Im curious to see how they'll pronounce "Victori-kah".
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