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  • Summer '17 + Streaming News

    Sources: Anichart, ANN, MAL, FansubDB, LiveChart, Moonphase

    TV Show / ONA Line-up (Preliminary)

    Upcoming Anime DVD/BD Releases: 2017
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    TV Special & Short Form TV Series




    Theatrical Releases

    • King of Prism: Pride the Hero [Tatsunoko; Trailer]
    • Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Movie: Hoshi wo Yobu Shoujo [Madhouse; Trailer]
    • Sore Ike! Anpanman: Buruburu no Takarasagashi Daibouken! [TMS Entertainment]

    • Pokémon the Movie: Kimi ni Kimeta! [OLM; Trailer]
    • Seitokai Yakuindomo Movie [GoHands]
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection Movie 1 [Seven Arcs; Trailer]
    • Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha-bu Shozoku [W-Toon Studio]
    • Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou Part 3 [Studio Gokumi]

    • Mahoutsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito Part 3 [Wit Studio]
    • Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? [Shaft; Trailer]

    • Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Movie: Sekka no Chikai [?; Trailer]
    • Kimi no Koe wo Todoketai [Madhouse; Trailer]
    • Mary to Majo no Hana [Studio Ponoc; Trailer]

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    Upcoming Anime DVD/BD Releases: 2017
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      Info on the first batch of shows.

      Aho Girl
      Yoshiko, a truly clueless high school girl, is never far from over the top hijinks. Her childhood friend has no choice but to look out for her!
      Ballroom e Youkoso (Welcome to the Ballroom) [Trailer 1, 2]
      Feckless high school student Tatara Fujita wants to be good at something - anything. Unfortunately, he's about as average as a slouchy teen can be. The local bullies know this, and make it a habit to hit him up for cash, but all that changes when the debonair Kaname Sengoku sends them packing. Sengoku's not the neighborhood watch, though. He's a professional ballroom dancer. And once Tatara Fujita gets pulled into the world of the ballroom, his life will never be the same.
      Battle Girl High School
      Based off a smartphone RPG by Colopl.

      The school action role-playing game is set in the year 2045. The world has been contaminated by Irōsu (mysterious invaders who suddenly appeared), and humans find themselves restricted and contained. Standing boldly against these invaders are ordinary girls everywhere, without a powerful army or even weapons. The Shinjugammine Girls Academy is a school for these "Hoshimori" (Star Guardians) destined to fight the Irōsu. The player is assigned to this academy to train the girls and take back the contaminated Earth.
      Dive!! [Trailer]
      The series revolves around the Mizuki Diving Club (MDC), which is on the verge of closing down after having financial troubles. The club's new coach persuades the club's parent company to stay open on one condition: that the club sends one of its members to next year's Olympics as part of Japan's Olympic team.
      Ensemble Stars! The Animation
      Based off a smartphone game.

      The "idol-training produce game" takes place at a private boys' idol-training school with a history of turning out many great talents in show business. The protagonist is the school's lone female student who transfers to the school because of a special situation, and enters the school's producer department.
      Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic [Trailer]
      Related to Luck & Logic TV show from Winter '15-'16 (licensed by Funimation). The series will be 12 episodes at 30 minutes each and follow the "cute everyday life of the Logicalist girls."
      Inazuma Eleven: Ares no Tenbin [Pilot Film]
      In the story, protagonist Asuto Inamori's soccer club is disbanded after the school's soccer field is destroyed. He and friends go to Tokyo to attend Daimon-chuu (Daimon Junior High) to play soccer. The story is set after the first Inazuma Eleven, but will take place in a parallel world from all other Inazuma Eleven games apart from the first because the story has taken a different course.
      Katsugeki: Touken Ranbu [Trailer]
      DMM's Touken Ranbu "sword personification training game" takes famous swords from Japanese history and interprets them as bishōnen.
      Nazotokine 2
      Tokine Amino is the company president's secretary at the advertising agency TEN2. One day, she's cleaning the conference room before a meeting with a famous animation company when she finds herself surrounded in light and then is unable to leave the room. As an added a bonus, a creature named Hacchin appears like a ghost and tells her she must solve the mystery to be able to exit.
      Saiyuki Reload Blast [Trailer]
      At last, the Sanzou Party has arrived in India. In this foreign land, where the anomaly's influence runs rampant, their battles only heighten in their violence.
      And also awaiting them is their tragic fate from 500 years ago—

      What will they find at the end of their long and treacherous journey?
      Tenshi no 3P! (Here Comes the Three Angels)
      The "loli pop comedy" light novel series follows Kyō Mekui, a high school student who tends to skip school due to a trauma in his past. Kyō secretly creates songs using vocal song synthesis software as his hobby. Three girls who just entered fifth grade — the crybaby Jun "Jun-tan" Gotō, the strong-willed Nozomi "Zomi" Momijidani, and the somewhat sleepy Sora "Kū" Kaneshiro who takes life at her own pace — email Kyō. These three girls, who were raised together like sisters since childhood, want Kyō to help them break into music in this "loli & pop symphony" story.
      Tsure-dure Children
      The four-panel manga is dedicated "to those of you who can't say 'I love you.'" It chronicles a series of short school romance stories in an omnibus format.
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        I thought the Ballroom show was in April?

        Nevertheless, definitely here for Katsugeki so far. Maybe the Ballroom show because I started reading that.
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          Originally posted by tigeress02 View Post
          Info on the first batch of shows.

          Tenshi no 3P! (Here Comes the Three Angels)
          Is it wrong that when I read the description my first thought was that this one has Stelok written all over it . . . .

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            Okey dokey! Count me in for Battle Girl High School! Cute girls in fancy costumes and wielding weapons is a draw for me!
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