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Everything you ever wanted to know about fansubs, but were afraid to ask

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    Do some subbers translate what most would dub into I love you as, your an important person to me?
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      Originally posted by Yugi
      Do some subbers translate what most would dub into I love you as, your an important person to me?
      Probably not.

      "I love you" would be 愛してる [ai shite(i)ru]
      "Important (precious) person" would be 大切な人 [taisetsu-na hito)

      and the two are VERY different terms.

      However, I don't hear too many people saying the latter in English, so translating it into context - "friend" or "loved one" sounds a lot more normal than "an important (a precious) person".
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        When asked if fansubbing will stop because BT sites and IRC networks are being shut down, you see alot of people confidently saying no, as if the entertainment industry holds no power over the internet. The only reason p2p is still battled over in courts is because people in the IT field is able to have connections with the higher-ups since GDP from the computer field has increased exponentially over the last few years. If the total profit generated by the computer industry today is the same as ten years ago, the RIAA/MPAA would've won a long time ago.

        Just trying to clear up the misconception of the entertainment industry being powerless, because they're not.


          Then let's just hope the IT industry remain powerful for a few more years.
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            what are fansubs?


              Originally posted by slotmech
              Just trying to clear up the misconception of the entertainment industry being powerless, because they're not.
              Why would someone have that misconception? I think the bigger problem is that they think they can fully wipe out the problems they face, when it would appear that the moment they've cut down one system, one or two more pop up to take its place. Let's take that George W. Bush guy as a poor analogy.

              He's a powerful guy, and he thinks that by taking away a lot of people's freedoms and going to war with various countries whilst shoving the country he is the leader of into an incredible debt he can eliminate terrorism, but that won't happen. Heck, in theory it could actually increase it.


                Fansub ??????


                  Fansubs are fan subtitled anime.

                  When a new anime is released in Japan, groups of people called "fansubbers" take the episodes and translate them and add subtitles. They are then released on the net for people to dowload.

                  That way people in America and other countries can see the latest anime out of Japan, without having to learn the native tongue and/or wait forever for an R1 release.

                  Once an anime is licensed, the fansubs stop and circulation as well.

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                      Originally posted by AchtungAffen
                      It's not very well known in North America, but in Europe and South America it's the bomb:


                      What is e-mule?
                      A p2p application

                      What's the difference of it about others like BT or Kazaa?

                      emule, descends from the other p2p program "e-donkey 2000". E-mule has a unique ID (hash) for every file there is, a code that every client can do when you share files. So you know exactly what you're downloading. E-mule doesn't work on a central server like napster did. It uses individual servers, and there are millions around the globe. It can also work serverless (either using KAD [kademlia] or with another program called Overnet).

                      So, once connected to a server you can search for files. Also there are sites like filedonkey where you can use a web interface to do a multi-server search.

                      The best thing about emule compared to kazaa, is not only the file identification, but also the anti-corruption measures. When you downloaded large files with kazaa, generally they got corrupted. But emule downloads by non sequential parts, and every time a part is finished, it rehashes the file to check if its corrupted, and if it is, it only redownloads the part that went wrong. Also, emule uses "ed2k" links (links that start with ed2k:// instead of http://), which contain the name, size and identification of the file. So just by having a forum and posting ed2k links you can distribute and advertise your files. A link is all you need. It's not a file like BT, just a link.

                      The best thing compared to BT is that the files can be online eternally as long as anyone shares it. It doesn't depend on an original seed, neither needs trackers. Also, you can search for files.

                      The bad thing of emule compared to BT and Kazaa, is that emule is slower than these other 2. So slow can it be, that if you have dial-up, it will be so inefficient that you better use another app. Its more designed for broadband users.

                      Another con is that emule requires some router configuration. That's the hard part. But if you have only a modem, then there's no problem. Also if you know more or less how to configure your router you'll be able to do it in no time. Also emule's page contains info on how to configure some brands of routers.

                      Emule has some years now. And emule based file and fansub distribution has been on the rise, and now is bigger than ever. I found extremely rare stuff here, things that would be almost impossible to find on other network or even specialized stores. There are also enormous sites with collections of ed2k links, like the now defunct sharereactor (that was the bomb), and there's also an animereactor (for fansubs) and mangareactor (for scanlations - although some of the stuff there is also scans from already licensed titles [but hey! you won't find "Bad Companies" anywhere else].).

                      For those here who use AniDB as something like animeNFO, you're missing the best part. If you're registered you can also get the ed2k's for most of the anime listed there.

                      Resuming: emule is the next generation and evolution of p2p, total freedom, total security (both you and the file), enormous ammount of files available, thousands of people releasing files in ed2k links. It's emule or die now.
                      I hope you do realize Emule was destroyed the moment it got released.

                      People on emule never share.

                      It took me 2 months to get a 190mb file. 2 FRICKIN WHOLE MONTHS. And I ul'ed way more than 190mb to others, who in turn didn't share to me....

                      Ask experienced users of p2p. They will confirm my horrible experience with Emule.
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                        Never share? Hahahahaha. That only happens with rare files. I don't have problems with my downloads, and only files with 2 or less sources take that long. I've been using emule for almost 3 years, and also used other p2p's including BT, and that's why I'll keep saying emule is the best one (if you know how to use it). Try to use BT on a year old torrent, let's see how much you'll download. ed2k links are eternal as long as one person still shares that file, nevermind that person is the original releaser or not. For ex. GTO Live Action is 350 megs a piece, and takes 3 days to DL, considering it's not a very popular DL. AF's Samurai Champloo downloads in half a day. You need to know how to use the program and how to optimize what you're trying to DL, looking for the link with most sources, kad, servers you choose, etc...
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                          Are fansubs online illegal?

                          Aren't fansubbed animes posted online for everyone to download illegal? I've heard all sorts of arguments that it's not as long as the movie has not been officially released in your respective countries. Others were adamant that it's a victimless crime if it were not allowed.


                            As long as it's not licensed in the US, then I don't see anything illegal about to me.


                              From what I heard, fansubs are illegal. You should have asked this in the sticky fansub thread.
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                                They are in fact illegal, its just nobody in the US(& I'm guessing the same with Canada, UK, Mexico, etc.) cares if the anime isn't licensed here, why should they?

                                Which is why we can give out links like this: but if we were to give out links to anime that was licensed we would be banned(or just link removed).