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    Here's an idea for a thread I had the other day. I don't know how well this will work, but I thought I'd go ahead and see.

    Alright, this thread is for any random anime-related thoughts you might have had, about a specific series, about anime in general, or whatever, that you didn't think needed a new thread or you didn't think was worth posting else where. Here, other members can give you feedback on your thoughts, answer questions, or maybe just ignore your comments all together.

    My general anime thoughts for today:

    I haven't quite decided what to watch next, I'm trying to avoid watching Haibane Renmei again for now (I just love watching the show), but I can't make up my mind with the shows I have available. There is Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, but personally I'm trying to avoid something depressing. I was gonna watch One Piece, but the site I get episodes from isn't working >_<
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    Fantastic Children has one of the worst dubs ever.
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      When the hell are the subs for Shigofumi coming out?
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        The ending for Evangelion ****ing sucked really really ****ing bad...(just finished it...directors cuts didn't help at all)

        EDIT: On the other hand I loved it up until episode...21..then everybody just turned ultra-emo, even though they were all REALLY emo before. I think I'll just call it Emo-gelion from now on.
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          I don't really watch enough anime...or, I've been a fan for years, but don't have much to show for it. I'm cemented that I know a lot about it, can talk about it and music, but when it comes to what I've seen...I need to complete a lot of stuff. Must mean I would rather go out than watch anime.
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            The Ergo Proxy ED is WEIRD!
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              Oh, and that the Chain Gang need to add me as buddies. Cmon, who doesn't want a piece of the Alpha?
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                I bought Captain Harlock: Vengence of the Space Pirate on DVD for a $1.00 at a dollar store. I know it's butchered compared to Arcadia of My Youth but still, hoorah!


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                  I keep seeing lampposts and thinking to myself "huh, everyone seems to jump from those, but really, is that very logical? There's not much they can jump TO other than the ground, it's not an easily defended position, etc".
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                    *While watching a RAW episode of a random series*

                    "What the ****! I don't speak ****ing Japanese! I don't understand what the hell they're saying!"

                    *Continues to watch like the last thought never happened*


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                      It makes me sad that no sub groups are putting Les Miserable: Shoujo Cosette out anymore.
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                        I had a weird dream a few nights back; the first one I had that related to Noir, no less. The scene that popped up was from the end of episode 20, in which Kirika's past was about to be revealed. Only, instead of Chloe giving Kirika the "final guidance," she writes Kirika's name down in a Death Note. And surely enough, Kirika fell to the ground 40 seconds later, with Chloe kneeling down before her and smirking much like Light would have done as Kirika died. The scene mirrored that of episode 25 of Death Note almost perfectly, and it eerily felt like a natural part of Noir as I was dreaming it.

                        I then realized what the hell I had just dreamt, and then got up and had some pancakes and hot chocolate.


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                          I'm too lazy to finish about 3 series, and too lazy to watch an episode of anything.


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                            I still have volume four of Negima! from my rental service, which I received on Friday. I have no motivation to watch this even though I really can't stand leaving it unfinished, either. I could start now and finish before bed, but I'd probably end up falling asleep through the middle.

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                              My new thoughts...

                              "When the hell is my "AIR Movie going to come in....I ordered that a while ago...hmmm...."

                              "Dang...I need to finish Karin and Grenadier...I've been putting that off too long...but...I managed time to watch Eva in 3 nights...hmmm"

                              "Should I finish Kamichu!..?....I mean...After watching 3 episodes...I wasn't just hooked to it or anything.....if there in't any big plot twist and it's just a day after day show in "the life of this chick" I think I might pass on it...hmmm"
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