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思い出のマーに When Marnie Was There

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    It was a bad year for movies anyway, and the Oscars reflected that. How many awards did the latest Mad Max remake get? And then you had The Revenant, which was a remake of Man in the Wilderness. And of course another Star Wars film. 2015 was the year of the remake. No wonder no blacks were nominated for any major awards. They only made films with original ideas!

    At least Son of Saul won best foreign picture. It really had an interesting look to it, not being shot in wide screen format.
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      I do want to see Inside Out though.
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        'When Marnie Was There' is a great film,and while it's target audience might be 'tween girls,this is one everyone can see and be moved. And since it made me cry,I must own it! Saw it in Japanese,so I can't say about the English dub,but Ghibli dubs are rarely bad. I hope to show this one to my 11-yr old neice soon,I think it would speak to her too. Bottom line: give it a watch,you won't regret it!