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Have you seen Ocean Waves yet?

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  • Have you seen Ocean Waves yet?

    It's never got an official R1 release so I'm wondering has many people here actually seen it? I watched it when I was 19 and found it breath taking. I still get emotion stir up inside me when I see a picture of it.
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    It's a no for me. It's not terribly high priority, but I would like to see it someday. Same goes for Only Yesterday, though I'm thinking about importing the BD of that one.
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      Well, at the risk of reviving an old thread (although this entire Studio Ghibli sub-forum is completely stagnant, what a shame, as I'm a huge fan)...

      I own the R2 JP DVD of Ocean Waves, first saw it on a fansub a few years ago - it is actually ranked 10th in my personal "Favorite Ghibli Movies" list, as I especially enjoy all the slice-of-life Ghibli - and that is actually ranked above Spirited Away (13th), Totoro (16th) and Ponyo (20th), for my preferences...

      I'm desperately hoping they release Ocean Waves on JP Blu-ray, I own all 20 current titles in the Silhouette Digipak series - just waiting for Kaguya, Marnie, and Ocean Waves... fingers crossed.
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        I saw an awesome old dude who reviews anime in the middle of the desert do a review for this! This thread reminded me that I need to check it out. Thanks!


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          Well, Ocean waves doesn't have the feel of a Ghibli movie much at all, kind of it's own thing - it was a project done by the "younger generation" Ghibli employees, and was a made-for-TV movie only... But I still really enjoyed it. Tigress2 mentioned Only Yesterday - that is my favorite slice-of-life Ghibli - and Poppy Hill was great also.


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            Nope but I'm planing to.


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              It's on the list of things I plan to watch along with many other things.
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                So big news for any Ocean Waves fans - Ghibli is releasing it in an HD remaster, on Blu-ray in Japan on July 17th - Japanese language with English subs. I've already got my copy pre-ordered... This will complete my JP Silhouette digipak collection, I'll then have all 24 individual JP Silhouette releases, including the Grave/Totoro double-pak ...



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                  I really liked the artwork, both the character designs and the backgrounds, which do a great job of recreating Kochi City. I also liked the pacing, which isnít a surprise since the director also directed parts of Kimagure Orange Road and Maison Ikkoku (including the first KOR movie).

                  The story itself didnít do much for me, though, and I never really could bring myself to care about the female lead.

                  Again, though, it looks great, especially for a TV special. The Japanese DVD also has a cool extra where the staff goes back to visit Kochi years after the anime was released.

                  Like t-Roy said, this was Ghibliís attempt with working with a younger staff that had more creative control. Unfortunately, I Can Hear the Sea/Ocean Waves ended up over-budget and behind schedule, so nothing more really came out of the experiment, which is why Ghibli doesnít really seem to know what to do with itself now that Miyazaki is done with feature films.


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                    Hmm, I own the DVD as well, and just recently watched it again, to prep myself for the Blu-ray release, but I wasn't aware of that extra - But, I generally don't watch extras on any of my media, so no surprise I didn't realize it was there...

                    I love the Slice of Life Ghibli films, and Ocean Waves is actually a favorite of mine - for me it actually ranks higher on my Favorite Ghibli Movie list than Spirited Away, Totoro, or Ponyo. I love Only Yesterday, Poppy Hill, Whisper of the Heart, Wind Rises - all favorites. And the latest SoL release, When Marnie was There, is a totally awesome story - I've watched it 5 times since I got the blu-ray two weeks ago!


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                      Like Hirishimafuu, I couldn't bring myself to really care about the female lead. This was the only ghibli outing I didn't enjoy; I like the studio's other slice-of-life films,but this one just didn't cut it for me....