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  • Favorite Ghibli Movie

    It's a pretty generic thread, but it needs to be in here to get this section rolling.

    Mine has always been Princess Mononoke / Mononoke Hime.

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    I'd have to say at the moment, Spirited Away is mine.


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      Princess Mononoke. Only one I was able to watch. Miyazaki's style grew too old, too fast with me.


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        Ocean Waves is my favourite, it's also the most obscure since it hasn't been released in the US.

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          Out of the ones I've seen, I like Howl's Moving Castle the best.
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            Spirited Away. In general Ghibli stuff doesn't appeal to me, but Spirited Away was the most engaging of all the ones I've seen.


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              Nausicaa is my favourite.

              In fact, it might be all-time favourite anime film. I have the R2 DVD from Japan, it comes in a nice cloth cover case, and has English subtitles.

              I also really liked Howl's Moving Castle. Heroic grannies FTW!

              I'm not too bothered about the others. There's too much emphasis on "befriend strange things! They're actually friendly" and it grates on me. It's the same message over and over and it's just tiresome. All my friends are already strange things! You don't need to tell me yet again!

              The worst Ghibli film was the one about a boring woman and her boring life, so boring that one of the highlights of her life was that she once ate a pineapple with her family. The film is about her realising that her life so far has been really boring. I don't remember its name.

              I haven't seen Graveyard Of The Fireflies yet, it sounds very good but difficult.
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                My Neighbor Totoro. Mei and Satsuki's relationship is so much like my childhood relationship with my older sister. It's very nostalgic.

                For the most part, I pretty much like all of the Ghibli films I've seen, but my 2nd favourite is probably The Cat Returns. That Baron is one darn sexy cat.


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                  Princess Mononoke-saw it in the theater and was hooked completely on Studio Ghilbi.
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                    I've never watched a Ghibli movie I didn't like (save for Graveyard of the Fieflies, of which I'm not even commenting on), but Mononoke Hime stands out for me. Spirited Away, visually, is the most appealing to me. It's going to age really well.


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                      My favorite Ghibli movie is also Ocean Waves (aka I Can Hear The Sea) which wasn't by Miyazaki. It was a project to show the newer animators how to make a great movie at low-cost, yet they went over budget anyways. XD

                      Other than that one, I adore Howl's Moving Castle.
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                        Of all the Studio Ghibli movies I have seen...Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite. I've absolutely adored the rest that I've seen but...Howl's Moving Castle just tops them all in my book.
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                          I'm surprised to see Umi ga Kikoeru (Ocean Waves) get mentioned as their favorite. I personally find it very difficult to choose one Ghibli favorite since I do like all of them - yes, even Omoide Poroporo (the pineapple one ^^; ) and Yamada-kun. I am really torn between Umi ga Kikoeru, Sen to Chihiro, Nausicaa, Laputa, and Totoro. I absolutely cannot pick just one. ><;;


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                            For me it's Kiki's Delivery Service followed by Castle in the Sky and then The Cat Returns.

                            Still to see the others but i love Kiki.
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                              1. Princess Mononoke

                              2. Spirited Away
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