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Luffy will marry [Spoilers]

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  • Luffy will marry [Spoilers]

    ******************************spoiler warning**********************
    I could not get spoiler tags to work properly.モンキー・D・ルフィ は海賊女帝 ボア・ハンコックと結婚する.

    1) Oda said Luffy is interested in the Pirate Empress Hancock. But you would never know that from the anime or manga. Luffy is hiding his feelings ! Her being older only makes her a suitable match for Luffy's child like personality.:

    D: Hey, Oda. In volume 53, chapter 518, Hancock's "Mero Mero Mellow" had no effect on Luffy at all, but in volume 23, chapter 213, it looked like he had a reaction to Nami's "Happiness Punch". Why did he respond to Nami's naked body but no to Hancock's? Is Nami's body just that amazing? -Kazu

    O: Wow, I got a lot of questions about this. Is this what you guys are paying attention to? Don't just read manga all day, go study some more!! Okay? Well, I say that, but I do nothing but draw manga. I noticed this when we were drawing it, but if Luffy had a nosebleed when he saw Hancock's body, I think you would all be like "Ehh!?". That's not the Luffy we know. I believe that Luffy reacted to Nami's naked body twice, in volumes 18 and 23, and both times it happened, Usopp was with him! He's the suspicious one! In other words, when Luffy is alone, his reaction is what it was with Hancock. He's interested, but he's not entranced by her. But when he's with Usopp, who's the same age, it's like a kid on a school trip: his bad side comes out!! Yeah, both sides of Luffy feel right to me, so the culprit is definitely Usopp!!
    Source: SBS One Piece Manga — Vol. 54
    By choosing to answer this question over thousands of others, he seems to NOT want fans to to think that Luffy and Hancocks relationship is just some joke, and that it is indeed important. He also did NOT need to say that Luffy (the man who appears to be more interested in meat than woman) is interested in Hancock, but still he said so !!!

    2) I checked ALL of Oda's SBS interviews. Some people say that Oda said their will be no romance in One Piece. Thats not true. So lets clear that up. This is what he actually said...

    D: Doesn't anyone on Luffy's crew fall in love? Will there never be a tale of on-board romance? (Sanji is an exception in this case) I'm just wondering.
    [Source: SBS Volume 34]
    Some people say that Oda said their will be no romance in One Piece. Thats not true. So lets clear that up...

    D: Doesn't anyone on Luffy's crew fall in love? Will there never be a tale of on-board romance? (Sanji is an exception in this case) I'm just wondering.
    [Source: SBS Volume 34]
    Here: (December 21st 2010 issue of Asahi Shimbun Weekly AERA). In an interview with Oda it says :

    The writer makes it a rule to try not to write love scenes and death scenes in One Piece.[Source: December 21st 2010 issue of Asahi Shimbun Weekly AERA]
    I had 2 Japanese guys translate this for me and they told me it says same thing. This interview was not 100% accurately translated by Greg here: . Greg said Oda only stated he tries not to write "Death scenes", but Oda also stated he "tries" not to write love scenes, notice the word "tries". We already know that there were some significant death scenes in One Piece, so there will surely be love scenes as well. From this interview some people wrongly started saying there wont be Romance (in this interview Oda even acknowledged the female readers keep asking him for love scenes)
    3) Oda was joking about giving Luffy the Love-Love fruit instead of the rubber fruit. Coincidentally the same fruit as hancock:
    D: Now that so many Devil Fruit have appeared in the series, do you ever wonder if it would have been better to make Luffy eat a different fruit other than the Gomu Gomu no Mi?

    O: Nope. I absolutely agonized over this before the series began, but not at all since. I love the idea of a rubberman. Well actually, I've flirted with the idea of the Ero Ero no Mi (Love-Love Fruit) maybe 13 times since then.[Source: SBS volume 35]
    Heres why I think he will get married most likely to hancock:

    4) Oda was a great admirer of the dragon ball creators work and seems to have been inspired by a lot of his ideas [Source: SBS Volume 53, Chapter 520, Page 168]

    5) Chi Chi (from Dragonball) and Hancock are very similar
    [*]Hancock, to me, seems like an extreme exaggeration of Chi-chi's initial tendency to assume everything Goku does. Chi Chi always interpreted everything goku does as if Goku loves her, e.g if he touched her or said something she saw it as a sign of love. Hancock does same thing with luffy.
    [*]Both said they will see each other again, and Hancock said they are certain to see each other again. Notice where Luffy says he wants to see Hancock again, NOT 1 but 2 exclamation marks were placed there by Oda in the Japanese manga to bring attention to these words. So obviously those words are significant and Luffy did NOT even shout this out in the manga or in the anime episode 518, so shouldn't have exclamation marks:

    [*]Both made marriage proposal. Before Goku left Chi-Chi (chapter 15 episode 8), chi chi asked him to marry him. He didnt answer because he didnt know what that meant, but if he did he would surely refuse. Hancock also asks Luffy to marry her as well, although he refuses he said he wants to see her again:

    [*]Chi Chi rarely meets goku, maybe like once every 50-100 episodes. So both ChiChi and Goku's relationship and Luffy and Hancocks relationship are running gags played by the Mangaka. Chi Chi meets goku in Chapter 15 (episode 8) then in episode 119 (the mettings in between are fillers). Luffy also has not met Hancock for almost 100 episodes.[*]Both come from some sort of royalty. Chi Chi=Ox kings daughter. Hancock=empress[*]Both wear the same type of chinese martial arts dragon clothes, and both wear a cape

    6) When it comes to love, Goku and Luffy are very similar
    [*]Goku and Luffy both are not interested in the woman who love them[*]Both seem to love food more than woman, and they eat food the same way

    7) Gol. D Roger . One of Luffy's Icons (other being Shanks) got married and had children. His grandfather is like him and he also had children

    8) When it comes to one piece creator Eiichiro Oda's life and personality the way he tells stories:
    [*]In 2002, he met Chiaki Inaba, who played Nami during the Shonen Jump Fiesta, and the two started going out, and in 2004, they got married. Because of this I feel it is likely that oda will write a story where luffy marries Nami or Hancock to reflect his own life?[*]It's speculated that his anxiety over his wife's pregnancy was what inspired the deal with Ace's Missing Mom Rouge. On a more humorous note, it's been joked (and outright stated) by the anime staff that the reason the amount of Fanservice spiked upward was because of Oda getting married and being horny for his very attractive wife (a well-known ex-Cosplay Otaku Girl wife Chiaki Inaba). In the SBS (fan questions for author) he even started answering questions about Luffy's penis and nami's breast size. For a guy who prefers not emphasizing romance that's not an obvious huge joke in his stories, he sure is a massive softie for his family." All this indicates that theres more romance to come. Source:

    9) Some anime where the main character got married to someone even though there was 5+ year age gap:
    1) Inyuasha: Kagome (aged 18) married Inyuasha (203)
    2) Rorouni Kenshin: Kamiya Kaoru (17) married Kenshin (28)
    3) Dragon Ball Z: Krillin (31) marries [link url=""] Android 18 (who is age 18)[/url]
    4) We also know that Luffy likes to imitate Shanks, and he does it to a great extent. And in volume 6, Makino was seen with a child. And Oda seems to hint the child is Shanks? If Shanks has a child then most likely Luffy will to, these 2 characters also have big age gap: (see below image)
    D: The thing that concerns me is the cover of chapter 614. You see how Makino-san is holding a baby? Does that mean that baby is Makino-san's child?! And does that mean the father is me?! P.N. Dandelion

    O: NOT YOU!!! (Shock)

    ...ah... Sorry. Well--. Seems Makino-san became a mother. She looks very happy. The father is maybe that person-. Yeah, probably that person.Source: SBS One Piece Manga — Vol.63
    What do you guys think, and why?
    100% certain
    Very Likely
    Very Unlikely
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    Don't really care. He could marry Sakura for all I care. Try asking the people in the One Pice subforum.
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      Originally posted by cloud360 View Post
      What do you guys think, and why?
      You're a nutcase for writing this up. I don't think I need say why.


      Thread moved to the proper subforum, and title edited.


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        In another age, this guy could've been an Eva Fanboy...
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          My god


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            Originally posted by cloud360 View Post

            I'm not fully caught up on One Piece... but I wanted to address this pic because it made me laugh...

            1. Earrings... Those are not the same... or similar. One is a ball shape, and the other is like a long rod.

            2. The Dress... I don't consider those the same because one is a halter/choker top and the other has a sweetheart neckline. Sure they both emphasize a woman's chest, but lots of wedding dresses do that.

            3. Hand Accessories.... In the Real world, we call those GLOVES ... and they aren't uncommon at weddings.

            4. Same roses.... No, those aren't the same. One is red roses, the other looks like pink lilies... not the same flower.

            So just based off your picture.... I find flaws in your argument. Sorry.
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              WOW. This is on par with Clayton and Shinji Ikari.

              Luffy marries Ichigo Kurosaki while Naruto goes on a killing spree and Goku is stealing Boa Hancock.
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                Originally posted by cloud360 View Post

                [b]1) Oda said Luffy is interested in the Pirate Empress Hancock.
                Luffy's interested in anyone who gives him food.
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                  Also I'm pretty sure that wedding dress was anime -only?


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                    I'm not going to say that this won't possibly happen at the very end of the series or in the denouement. It's possible. Some of the stuff you cite as evidence here is thin at best though. The wedding dress thing is pretty damn thin. Occam's razor suggests a simpler explanation. Oda needed a design for the sort of wedding dress that a woman might fantasize about being married in or want to be married in. The simple explanation is that he based it in a dress he had seen in real life. Brides wearing earrings and carrying bouquets is hardly unusual as well. Did Oda even have any hand in designing that dress or is it just a generic pretty wedding dress designed for the movie?

                    One Piece isn't a romance series. Any romance will come at the very end or in the denouement to show what happens to the characters after the end of the story.
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                      Also since when did Roger marry? More like he knocked up some poor woman then went off to die


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                        Random ho he met on one of his misadventures?

                        Is there really shipping wars for this series? Because I can't picture shipping anyone on this show
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                          If we're looking for secret hints at who Luffy might end up with, look at Odas meeting with his wife for the first time. She was cosplaying as Nami so there you have it. Luffy is going to end up with Nami at the end
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                            The only character who'll be shown married in the denouement is Usopp. He'll go back to the Grand Blue and marry that chick who gave them the Running Merry.

                            Luffy wouldn't get married any more than Roger did. Being married would mean he wouldn't be the freest man on the seas, which is his motivation for becoming the Pirate King. That's not to say that Hancock won't continue to pursue him, mind you.
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                              Nami would have Luffy by the balls if they married.

                              I can see Robin and Zoro though.
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