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who's the better father Naruto or Sasuke ?

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  • who's the better father Naruto or Sasuke ?

    Personally Naruto and Sasuke didn't have good example. Minato sealed the nine tail within Naruto which caused a lot nonsense to happen. Sasuke's dad died by Itachi but he was trying to prevent coup from happen. So I don't blame Naruto not knowing what do when it comes to Bolt, but I do think he spend more time with he's son. Sasuke on otherhand has memories of his father, and how strict he was. So I think he will be less strict on Salad but when it comes to training he'll be like Batman in not letting day go by without he's partners being ready for every circumstance. also I think Salad is going to be the underdog of the new series because I think that' would new change of pace, so she gets more character development. I don't care who does the new series of the new generation as along it's not kishimoto because he put a lot of work into Naruto and Shippuden. The deserves a break!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I don't know, maybe Naruto? Just because he's a bit boisterous, he seems like an approachable person lol
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      Naruto seems to be more 'motherly' than a 'fatherly' type.