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Chapter 698: Naruto and Sasuke 5

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  • Chapter 698: Naruto and Sasuke 5

    Chapter 698: Naruto and Sasuke 5
    Sasuke didn't managed to hit Naruto with his final blow, Naruto did.
    They fight until both of them can't move. Sasuke still doesn't understand why Naruto won't give up on their friendship. Flashbacks, once again. At least, this one is necessary. The fight ended...ok for flashbacks. But during the fight, why flashbacks??? *talking about past chapters*.
    Sasuke, at the beginning he saw Naruto worthless, but in time he understood that he's no different than him. Everyone rejected Naruto. Same goes for Sasuke...he was all alone, the last Uchiha.
    When they were in Team 7, Sasuke acknowledged Naruto's power and he wanted to fight him to prove who is more powerful. He saw him improving his abilities, and so...he started to envy him. He sought to beat him, and he did. He won in Part I. SASUKE WON AND NARUTO LOST.
    Now, things have changed. Sasuke has declared himself defeated. Naruto won. Not the fight...but he got Sasuke back. This is not the end I wanted, but it's ok. I wanted a fight until one of them can't move anymore and the other stand still. You know, just like in their final fight in PART I. Sasuke won the fight and left Naruto unconscious. This END I wanted. But it's OK like that. Not a great end for the final fight, but ok...
    Stay calm. Sasuke will not die. He just talks nonsense. Why? He makes an appearance in NARUTO: the Last. So, he will not die because he will appear in the upcoming movie. Simple!
    Their arm is ripped away because of the powerful blast they created in the fight, so...we'll just wait and see who will fix their arm. Predictions, predictions...
    This Final Fight was ok, not what we all expected...but, huh, I hope this will be better in the Anime.
    All that remains now, is to predict who will become Hokage. Naruto or Sasuke? Mostly of us will say Naruto, of course! The manga is named NARUTO for a reason.
    We watched over 500+ episodes of Naruto (including Shippuden) with a kid saying in almost every episode: "I will be Hokage and I will surpass the previous Hokages", "Someday I will become Hokage and then people will acknowledge me". He said something like that. Right? RIGHT!!!! So, with this said, I'm very sure that Naruto will be the next Hokage. I hope Kishimoto will end the Manga with the most important thing: WHO WILL BE THE NEW HOKAGE? I hope he won't screw this up and postpone this until the release of the movie.
    Next week will be THE END OF NARUTO. 2 CHAPTERS LEFT. 699 BLACK & WHITE +700 FULL COLOR.
    THE FINAL CHAPTERS WILL BE RELEASED OFFICIALLY IN JAPAN, ON NOVEMBER 10/2014. Fortunately, we, (the Internet readers) get the change to read the manga earlier, which means THE END IS NEXT WEEK - 5/6 NOVEMBER 2014.
    So, based on what we've seen...we could easily think how NARUTO WILL END.

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    I wouldn't mind Naruto not becoming Hokage at the end and it going to Kakashi like Obito predicted/proclaimed. The most important thing is that everyone has finally acknowledged Naruto, even Sasuke. That's all he ever wanted, even more than Hokage, I think.

    As for the chapter, I actually really enjoyed it despite it doing what I hope Kishi wouldn't do and using TnJ to make Sasuke finally see the errors of his ways. It was done well, so hey, I can't knock it. The last panel actually left me speechless, though.
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      How did losing an arm effect the Raikage's fighting prowess?

      I just signed the "50000 sigs and Shaman King will continue petition", did you? (1st bar name, 2nd address, 3rd personal message) And yes, Shueisha really will continue it if they get that many numbers.