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Chapter 693: Naruto and Sasuke

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  • Chapter 693: Naruto and Sasuke

    Chapter 694: Naruto and Sasuke
    Sasuke has decided to talk about his "TRUE DREAM" and what it means to become Hokage, what is a Hokage.
    He has an interesting opinion, but he is still wrong: at least, he doesn't hate Itachi anymore and understood his actions. But he didn't understood everything!
    Itachi said: If you become too prideful and forget about all the people who gave you strength that brought you to this moments and get too focused on the individual, sooner or later, you'll become just like Madara. Itachi was right all the time. Itachi was always smarter than Sasuke and a better Shinobi. I'm sure that Sasuke thinks that he had surpassed his brother, but he didn't, he never will!
    Sasuke is just like Madara, both of them have narcissistic personality! Too bad Sasuke didn't ally with Madara! He is ALONE NOW! The last Uchiha.
    Last time I said Sasuke is a better Hokage, now I changed my mind: You can't do everything by yourself, command everything...NARUTO IS A BETTER HOKAGE! He works with people, listen the people...Sasuke is wrong!
    IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Manga will not release Wednesdays anymore, only on Thursday, same day with Anime.
    Copied from the Internet, a user posted this: The reason we got Naruto, Bleach, One Piece (Jump magazine) on Tuesdays is because we actually got them before they even release in Japan. This was possible because Jump is shipped to stores, which will put them on the shelves on the following Monday. Well, of course some of these places will leak the raws early, which then get translated and here we are.

    Recently, the company that publishes Jump put in policies to delay the release of Jump being shipped to stores. This reduces how close leaks happen in comparison to the actual release, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your pov) this doesn't really solve the root problem of "stuff getting scanned and posted online

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    Well finally all the talking is over with for now at least.
    Koiwai:Come on, Yotsuba. The more the merrier!
    Jumbo:Yeah, he's right. The more the merrier.
    Yotsuba: Even if it's Yanda?

    A woman needs two animals, the horse of her dreams and a jackass to pay for it.


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      Chapter 693 Naruto and Sasuke

      Konichiwa minna. I started this topic as an idea to comment on the developments in the recent manga chapters. Mayby its just me, but Naruto manga is getting beter and beter with every chapter ..unlike bleach. So let me start: how awesome was narutos ownage-kick-delivered-by-teleport/shunshin It kinda sucks that he obtained such speed without any training but hey, tell that to sasuke
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