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  • NARUTO: Chapter 679

    679: She of the Beginning
    Kaguya makes her appearance and Black Zetsu splits from Obito Uchiha. So, everybody will be White Zetsu clones? Really?
    Like I said before, Obito appears do die in every single chapter. He died now or died before? Is he still alive? The same question over and over again.
    As for Madara, I do not think he died....this will be very sad if he died, no last words that means Madara's finished. Madara's Arc is over, we will move to a new ARC: Princess Kaguya Arc.
    The Final Battle Begins!

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    I can't imagine this is the end of Madara, that's a cheap way for him to go out. I'm thinking that whatever 'jutsu' the Sage gave to Naruto and Sasuke will be able to defeat Kaguya when combined, then Madara will be back. I still think Obito is hanging on by a thread, and will go out a hero sacrificing himself; I believe he currently has both of his sharingan back, so he'll probably use a full powered kamui to teleport Madara to his dimension, then he'll die, thus locking Madara in there forever.
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      On the one hand, I do like the concept of fighting the person who started this mess in the first place. On the other, you mean to tell me the final(?) boss is a character we've only known about FOR TWENTY F**KING CHAPTERS?

      Also, was Yamato a minion this whole time or was he just controlled by Tobi Zetsu?
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