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is 480 the last?

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  • is 480 the last?

    After watching Naruto Shippuden 480 I felt like this is the last one, don't you think so? And it is a nice ending (if it is the actual ending) but I'd love to watch more, still not so sure whether there's going to be more ((
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    Cannon story has been all adapted except the last chapter, from what I've read. Given the preview for 481, I'd say the show isn't adapting it anytime soon. They're gonna take their sweet time ending this. Anyway, it would be a bit strange for it to end 4-ish weeks into Fall season rather than at the end of Fall season. There will probably be some sort of announcement when the show approaches it's final episode.
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      Well, 479 was really the "last episode" as far as adapting the regular manga (which ended at chapter 699, 700 was an epilogue chapter). What was a nice touch was that Shippuuden episode 479 + the 220 from the first part of Naruto = 699 total episodes (though they added a lot of filler to get to that point lol). They announced years ago that when they were done adapting the manga proper, they'd continue the Naruto story in the anime (cash grab). They've already announced that some of the novels will be adapted into anime, and there's no doubt that eventually they will animate epilogue chapter 700 and the 10 part manga "The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring" (as well as the other Boruto related chapters Kishimoto did, inevitably leading into a Boruto series of it's own). Shippuuden episodes 480+ (aside from any that adapt aforementioned "canon" material) are basically filler.

      The good thing is that they DID in fact animate the manga proper. So even if the filler extension causes a decline in Naruto's popularity, we won't have to worry about not getting the manga's end (unlike Rurouni Kenshin, where we never got the Jinchuu arc animated because the post Kyoto arc filler killed it's popularity )
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