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Evangelion Rebuild box pattern

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  • Evangelion Rebuild box pattern

    There's a pattern in the Japanese disc boxes:
    Evangelion 1.11
    Evangelion 2.22
    (I assume the next will be yellow.)

    In the US, they changed the first movie's cover, but are using the Japanese cover for the second. For those of you who have the US packages, is there a reversible cover for either so they fit together better visually? Assuming the rest will follow the Japanese, is it somehow appropriate that it goes from a picture to Holy-Grail flashing colors? (Possibly.) Something else I should know?

    (This irks me enough to wait for a box set with the cover pattern fixed, but I'll deal with it if there's no other way.)

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    Negative on both US BD releases. The totally don't match in any way. The first movie's US BD packaging was a digipak housed inside a slipcover (digipak can only slide out from one side), so there's no plastic case. The second movie has a BD case housed inside an orange o-ring (case can slide out from the top or bottom). There is some artwork on the inside cover, but not something I would call a true reversible cover.
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