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  • Dragon ball Z Super

    Is this any good, AN-goers? I trust you more than some YT critic.

    Also, what is it? Is this some side universe thing or an actual sequel? I noticed that Frieza is back and somehow, the gang is afraid of him again? How is that even a thing? By the end of Z, he is literally treated as a joke.

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    The reason the Z fighters are afraid of frieza is because he trained to get this all new powerful form and he was able to beat Gohan, who is more powerful then the rest of the gang so Goku and Vegeta have to fight him. (Resurrection of F)
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      The series is cannon within the same universe as Z. You can catch up with alot of the series material so far by watching the last two movies which came out. The tone of the series has been pretty light so far in my opinion which explains our boy Frieza making a come back.

      As a pretty diehard DBZ fan I enjoy this series and I don't take it too seriously. If you're a fan of DB I'd say it's worth your time.


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        The part that I have watched so far is an expanded version of the Battle of Gods movie. From what I understand, the next storyline will be an expanded version of the Resurrection of F movie with a resurrected, more powerful Frieza as the villain.
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          Yes, it is very good, because i watched it every week. And i wait for new EP 56.
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            FWIW, legal streaming for this series just started. At this time, only 47-63 are up, but they will be uploading 1-46 over the next month (10 eps every Saturday).

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              Toriyama is finally giving Vegeta the spotlight he deserves.
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